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The TP-Link Community Spotlight


Have you been receiving emails from the TP-Link Community over the past few months?


If not, we have begun to release the TP-Link Community Spotlight as our official newsletter summarizing any content about upcoming technologies, events, products, and features. We've recently discussed some of the newest technologies and systems being developed, such as Starlink, Wi-Fi 7, and More! If there is any content you would like to learn more about or think our team should focus on, let us know in the comments below!



If you would like to start (or stop) receiving the newsletter in your inbox, the setting can be found in your notification settings for users registered to our forum. To get to these settings:


(1) - Select Your Username in the Top Right,


(2) - Select Settings on the Left Sidebar,


(3) - Select the Notifications Settings Tab,


(4) - Choose your Preference under Subscription for the TP-Link Community Newsletter


If you are creating an account for the First Time,

Please ensure that You Complete Your Email Verification after Signup and Return to the Community, where you will then be asked to create a UserName for the community.





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Good day,

Please, I need a step of how to monitor my branch's internet and its users remotely and the link at which I will use to long in. 

ours have been registered with my email and password. 


kindly revert asap  



Hi so I'm looking into a router can anybody give me their opinion looking at axe5700 or the ax5700 pro



I receive the TP-Link Community Spotlight. I signed up for it shortly after I set up my Deco X55 Mesh Network. I happened to be looking for info about something in support and that's how I found out about the Community. I then saw info regarding the Newsletter and signed up for it. I absolutely love receiving the newsletter because I feel it provides information that I wouldn't have known about. Some applies to me but the additional information in my opinion is just great to read and learn about what's taking place. I wish they were sent more often. 

If there is any content you would like to learn more about or think our team should focus on, let us know in the comments below:


•  In my opinion, longer cables for the Deco Nodes are a must. I'm having huge problems with this. I don't like having surge protectors everywhere in plain sight. You can always find a way to shorten the length of the Deco cables especially because they're so thin but you can't make them longer.


•  I'm hoping an update is in the works to be able to set the channel of my preference. My 2.4GHz is fine but not many of our devices use it. That said, I know the exact channel I need for my

5GHz (161) but it's always 40 or lower. It's a feature I hope is either being looked at or coming soon because I definitely need it.


•  I check for updates every other day. I also check on the update page occasionally. I saw 2 updates had been released and my Deco didn't update. After checking the app I always receive the message everything is up to date. I guess I'm going to have to check the update page because I can't count on my Deco to update. That's an extremely important issue. I purchased 2 sets of Deco X55 3 packs. What I didn't realize was the versions were different which makes the updates different. I can't explain how much I dislike that part. The second set I purchased hasn't been updated in quite a while (May, 2023, I believe), yes, just checked. I wish there was a way to have all of my nodes running the same update version. 

•  Also regarding devices marked as High Priority, why don't they stay online? Possibly, I misunderstood exactly how High Priority works. I have three devices set as High Priority - my Nest thermostat, Ring Doorbell and Generac Generator. My Nest (it's offline now) is going offline a lot, my Ring Doorbell does but not quite as often as my thermostat. It happened yesterday, Sunday etc. I've read everything I could to try to figure it out. I've talked with both Nest & Ring support. They confirmed my settings for the devices were correct. I know the security settings can be an issue for some devices but both devices are compatible with the security settings. I searched again when my thermostat went offline and I'm at the point I'm coming up with the same information. If there's any information or a topic regarding the High Priority setting, I would appreciate if you could let me know. Luckily, I have a newer Nest and if it's offline too long, I can take it off the WiFi. My husband hates technology and I absolutely love it!!! He keeps telling me to get it off the WiFi but I'm having a difficult time hearing him! 😂 

•  When I see examples showing how to do something using the app, I notice my app doesn't look like the example being used. I read an article regarding features (such as the Speedtest) are not available for my Deco Network but would be coming soon. I'm wondering if changes are made to the app and it's just changing coding or an algorithm why the app can't be the same for everyone with the understanding some of the features included in the app may not work with your particular network but as our engineers progress with developing changes to the design or the build of devices, features will begin to work with additional devices. It'd be nice to have the same app which is used for examples. Just my opinion. 

Sorry for the long comment.











Always Be Kind

I hope this message finds you well. I appreciate the update regarding the TP-Link Community Spotlight newsletter. Unfortunately, I haven't been receiving the newsletters over the past few months.

The recent discussions on Starlink, Wi-Fi 7, and other emerging technologies sound fascinating, and I'd love to stay informed. Could you please ensure that my subscription settings are correct? I'll make sure to follow your instructions to manage my preferences and start receiving the newsletter in my inbox.

Thank you for your assistance, and I look forward to catching up on the latest insights from the TP-Link Community.

thanks for the info

The email clearly explains the purpose of the TP-Link Community Spotlight newsletter and how to subscribe or unsubscribe.