New Tablet Mode for the Tapo App - Public Testing Open NOW

New Tablet Mode for the Tapo App - Public Testing Open NOW

New Tablet Mode for the Tapo App - Public Testing Open NOW
New Tablet Mode for the Tapo App - Public Testing Open NOW
2 weeks ago

Tapo App for Tablets

Available Now Through Early Access


Recently, you may have seen a new beta app update available to Google Play Test and iOS Beta Testers adding compatibility for larger screens and tablets. The update brings a new dynamic layout and refreshed interface to streamline your experience.

If you would like to join the Google Play Test or test the features on a Tablet, make sure you agree to the Beta Agreement through the beta page showing off the latest features here:

Join the Beta Test to Test the New Tablet Features


After agreeing, you will be presented with a link/ QR Code to download the beta app for both iOS and Android. (When scanning the QR code, please use a tablet, not a mobile phone.)

You can provide your feedback directly to the development team in the Tapo Beta App under Me > Beta Test > Questionnaire otherwise, feel free to leave a comment below.


Please Note: The new layout and update will only apply to tablets, even if your mobile phone app receives the update. There are no other additional or new features available in the update.

Get Started with Tapo’s New Innovative Dashboard

🏠 Smart Home Center

The new Tablet Home Page provides quick access to all your devices, allowing you to turn devices on or off and check their status quickly.



🗝️ System Control

Categorize your devices into different systems, such as lighting and environmental control. This allows you to conveniently control all devices within your home with a single tap.

Note: The new buttons to toggle all devices of a single type is only available when using the filtered categories in the bottom left.



📷 Camera Monitoring

  •  Full-Screen Layout: Unlock the benefits of a bigger screen to better check the Live View, Playback, and Download pages.
  • Multi-Cam Live View: Effortlessly monitor 1, 4, 6, or 9 cameras simultaneously, providing a comprehensive view of your surroundings.


🗺 Robot Vacuum Map

  • Quick Cleaning: Go to your map by tapping the bottom tab and start cleaning.
  • Quickly Check Cleaning Progress: Check the current cleaning progress by tapping the bottom tab.



💫 Compatibility for a Large Range of Tablet Sizes

Seamlessly adapts to various Pad sizes, ensuring optimal display and functionality. Easily switch between the landscape and portrait modes to adjust to your preference.



More to Explore!


More improvements and new features are coming, such as customizing card sizes on the Home page or the Immersive 3D Home Control Screen shown at CES this year.



Join the Public Beta Now!

If you have any opinions on the latest update or would like to provide recommendations on what you would like to see in future Tapo for Pad updates – feel free to leave a comment below.


Join the Beta Test to Test the New Tablet Features

Google Play Test

After Joining the update and being approved in the system, your Google Play Store will show an update for the Tapo App on all your devices. This may take some time to appear when first joining. You may also need to join the public beta from Tapo’s Google Play Store page.

If you want to leave the playtest at any time, you can do so through the “Leave Play Test” button on Tapo’s Google Play Store Pag





  1. The beta version will replace the official app.
  2. You can retrieve the official version from the App Store or Google Play if you are not satisfied with the beta. Your feedback is invaluable. We’d love to hear it!
  3. If there are any updates to the app during the beta test, we will let you know via push notifications.
  4. While trying the beta, you will not be able to subscribe to a new Tapo Care Plan. You can continue your subscription when the official app is released. Already subscribed users will not be affected.



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