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By Dsulli37 2 weeks ago

Firmware update is bunk

Everything was working fine until the firmware update this morning. Now nothing can stay connected. Anyone else having issues?
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By relayman 3 weeks ago

MyQ lost connection to Deco mesh (solved)

After updating the firmware on my Deco mesh my MyQ garage door opener lost connection. Everytime I tried to reconnect it I would get "wrong password" error. The solution is to change the Deco security
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By flushable_wipes 2024-01-02 05:20:58

Feature Request : Increase the types of devices currently available for tagging deco clients.

Example currently found on competing mesh interfaces that really need to be expanded upon within the Deco interface. Phone Desktop Laptop Smartwatch Smart TV Streaming device Gaming console Smart spea
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By BVP 2023-03-17 14:53:52

Deco x55 V 1.26 Ethernet ports malfunctioning

Can an administrator please help me? I have a two pack Deco x55 Version 1.26 and it worked beautifully but then an electrical outage caused the Deco's to lose ethernet connectivity. The satellite Deco
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By sfg1silver 2023-03-13 17:02:09

IOT devices not able to connect across ALL deco's in mesh network

I have a typical M5 mesh network with one Main M5 unit and 3 satellite M5 units. The problem is when an IOT device with a fixed/static IP address (manually assigned on device) and outside of the DHCP
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By dwhiting56 2023-03-06 02:30:14

IoT network issue on Deco X55

I have a fairly new 3-pack Deco X55 system, v1.6, which I really like. TP-Link just released a new firmware version (1.2.0 Build 20230113 Rel. 54525) with a separate IoT network feature, which is what