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By RomeoWoof Saturday

Main unit loses connection (solid red) after a few hours working multiple times

I just picked up a set of 5300s. Setup went well and everything connected for a few hours. Main unit then went to red. I reset everything and worked for a few hours. Then happened again. ISP is Cox. I
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By crawfordna 2 weeks ago

3 Node BE85 System - Large File Downloads fail with SSL errors

My Configuration: 3 Node setup All nodes 2.5Gbps ethernet backhauled on a dedicated VLAN for my wireless network, untagged. Using first 2.5GB port (the one second from the top) Operation Mode: Access
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By kimi219 2 weeks ago

X55 mesh keeps dropping wifi

Anyone facing stability issues with Deco X55? The main deco keeps losing wifi connection. I have an Arris S33 modem and that seems fine. The Xfinity tech also confirmed the incoming line is fine. Appr
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By Quemo 2 weeks ago

Deco BE85 Randomly Disconnects

Model: Deco BE85 (3 satellite bundle) Firmware version: 1.0.13 Build 20230927 Rel. 38826 Modem: Netgear Xfinity Modem (model: CM2050V) MoCa adapter(s): Actiontec Bonded 2.5 Gbps Network Adapters (mode
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By RichBrito 2 weeks ago

Deco x55 main unit download speed has dropped over 50% but upload is still 100% of isp provider

My ISP supplies 600mbs via fiber and my PC (laptop) when directly connected gets 550mbps both up and down. Of course there is overhead on my Deco x55 (3 unit system) that slows that down 150 -250 mbps
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By icehawk940 3 weeks ago

Wireless Dropouts New Video Doorbell

Hello all so there seems to be an issue with the new ring doorbell battery plus and the deco XE5300. My firmware is the latest and I have hardware version 2.6 so the newest doorbell from ring will not