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By Espress0-0 2023-08-11 22:30:46

New Deco X55 pro's unstable connection

Model: Deco X55 pro Hardware version: 1.6 Firmware: 1.1.1 Build 20230613 Hi all, I've been encountering issues with my new Deco X55 pro. Here's some background: I previously had the X60 set, which wor
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By Dellki 2023-02-12 23:33:07

XE75 PRO clients are constantly cycling online and offline...PLEASE HELP

I have recently invested in the Deco ecosystem (The XE75 PRO), and I am currently experiencing some sort of App glitch. Problem...when I log into the Deco Phone App(android) and view clients the onlin
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By GregTakacs 2023-07-28 13:22:44

NAT Hairpin/Loopback on wired connection doesn't work on BE95

I have found several posts from the past describing this exact same issue dating back as early as 2018. Here we are 5 years later and I just spent $2,500 on four BE95 units that are not capable of a s
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By caliguy1515 2023-01-03 00:59:01

Wireless PCI Express adapter SLOW wi-fi issues

I'm not sure how to find the hardware or firmware version? i have windows 10 PC and TO-Link Wireless N PCI Express adapter. The wifi connection is extremely slow and fluctuates a lot. Right now it's 8
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By Atik16209 2022-09-08 18:08:38

Can't reach specific websites

Hi! I have 2 deco e4 connected wirelesly as a mesh system. Everuthing was working fine but yesterday a problem appeared- I can't reach certain websites with a ERR_TIMED_OUT error which were previously
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By FritzM 2022-09-06 20:00:30

X55 connected to Pace 5268AC causes ATT Uverse recording problems

I have 2 Deco X55s (ethernet backhaul) connected to a Pace 5268AC Gateway with incoming ATT Fiber (500Gbs). The ATT Gateway WIFI is turned off. Since the Decos were connected and setup for WIFI, the A