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By Medic213 2023-12-26 21:02:22

TP-LINK Cloud missing from menu

I recently set up one of my old Archer C9's as an access point behind my Archer AX6000. When I am connected to the AX6000 via wifi I can see the C9 on the tether app, and I can see it when I'm connect
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By 4nthony 2023-07-07 21:36:06

Smart Connect for 2.4 and 5 GHz. What about 6 GHz?

When using Smart Connect, it says when enabled, "the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz networks share the same network name and password". If I configure the same network name and password manually, does this make Sma
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By davidjm 2023-07-16 16:54:53

Archer AX75 v1.0 shows available firmware update, but update is not in online repository

The router administration for my Archer AX75 v1.0 shows that Firmware 1.1.2 Build 20230606 rel.1786 is now available, but the Downloads page for the Archer AX75 does not show this as an available down
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By KE3JU 2023-07-18 19:13:20

VPN Client for Amazon Fire Tablet

I have IPSEc and OpenVPN Servers set up on my AX21. They work great, but I'm looking for a client for my Fire Tablet that I can use to connect it to MY VPN on MY Router. All my searches point towards
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By fdsjfhjkds 2023-07-03 16:01:41

Computers Connected to AX10000 Cannot Ping or Communicate

This is the last roll of the dice for me before this paperweight gets returned. Please help if you can. PCs hard wired into this router cannot ping each other or communicate with each other. I first n
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By AIpatii 2023-07-03 14:55:42

Archer AX55 V1 1.2.3 easymesh satellite

it does not switch to EasyMesh satellite mode, when you choose the mode it restarts with new settings.and when there will already be Ethernet Backhaul at EasyMesh I use 2 ax55 but on the 2nd one the i