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Forums/ Omada EAP
By MattinNC 2020-11-21 18:09:44

EAP225-Outdoor as repeater or extender?

I would like to know if the EAP225-Outdoor could be setup to get a wiresless signal from a campround WiFi. Then use that to provide internet acces for devices connected to a access point or router ins
Forums/ Pharos Wireless Broadband
By MattinNC 2020-11-20 00:44:18

CPE210 using a captive portal

I'm considering a CPE210 and configuring it as a wireless repeater. I would like to know if when accessing a campground WiFi can the CPE devices authenticate if they require authentication thru a capt
Forums/ Range Extenders
By MattinNC 2020-11-17 16:54:59

Range extender wtih external antenna

I'm looking for a range extender for my RV but I need it to have the ability to add an external (outside) antenna. Any suggestions?
Forums/ Range Extenders
By MattinNC 2019-06-07 23:46:09

RE350k clients can't get IP address

Unable to obtain an IP address when connected to the extender. RE350k ---<>--- EAP225 ---<>--- router (DHCP) ----<>--- internet If I connect to the EAP225 I get an IP address but when trying to connec