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By LyleB 2 weeks ago

Re:Random apps installing on phone

@Riley_S It has happened on both my and my wife's phone.Our phones are not sync'd with any other devices. I have the Google Play Store disabled. I very rarely download any apps. Both phones are Androi
/ Wi-Fi Routers
By LyleB 2 weeks ago

Re:Access Control

I am not aware of this setting. No settings have been changed on either phone. This was never an issue with the Netgear R6400 that I replaced.
/ Wi-Fi Routers
By RodmanB 2 weeks ago

Re:IP Modem Delivers 325 Mb but, drops to 95 when connected thru router

@RodmanB Thank you for the suggestion. On going to Advanced/QoS/Settings I found QoS was not enabled. Attempting to enable I received a notice that QoS and NAT Boost could not both be enabled. So, I d
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By daniel1948 2 weeks ago

Is there a way to check the internet speed INTO the router?

I've just bought and installed the Archer AX21. I can run speed tests on my devices, both wi-fi and Ethernet-connected. But I cannot find a way to test what speed my ISP is providing into the router.

Re:Piece of Junk ARCHER C2300

@Riley_S Hi Riley! The device was purchased online, from a reputable retail vendor in the same country for its use. It is used base simple config, no vpn, - simply a router after a fiber modem that ou
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By JaronM 3 weeks ago

Ax1800 dual band won’t connect via Ethernet to wifi

I live in an apartment that offers free wifi. I wanted to use it because it's pretty good, but wanted to use a router for a little more privacy. The Ethernet works but the router won't allow me to ope