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By USMCLifer Saturday

Are any Questions answered by support on this forum?

Does anyone answer questions on this forum? I see tons of VIEWED counts but not a single answer.
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Artiste Thursday

Ac1750 throwing slow speed wired and wireless

I have a Netgear cm1000 wired to router tplink ac1750. When testing from Netgear modem I get 960mbps. But when testing from tplink ac 1750. Internet speed drops to 370mbps. I tried resetting and it di
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By YulianZ Thursday

Archer C24 internet crashes every 105 minutes

Hello! Bought a new router - Archer C24. Everything is fine, but every 1.45 hour (105 minutes) the internet crashes for a few seconds, which is enough to mess up all the web applications I'm working i
Beta Test/ Beta Social
By shirazhanif 3 weeks ago

Coverage is not as I expected

My home network is set up as follows Basement - ISP (Verizon Fios) I have TP AV-1000 powerline kit which connects to the modem. The second adapter is in my home office which is on the second floor. I
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By TC_In_Montana 3 weeks ago

Re:How does ONE know if the problem they are facing is the AX55

@IrvSp I am a Spectrum user as well. While I don't use Firefox, I do use Thunderbird (Windows version) and have not encountered any errors sending or receiving E-Mail.
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By TC_In_Montana 3 weeks ago

Re:Weekly Tether Report???

@IrvSp The sample reports provided by the non-registered version of HomeShield (the reports are from HomeShield, not from Tether itself) are just that - samples of what can be provided. During an earl