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By Renee677 2022-08-27 18:43:40

Failed to connect

Just bought the AX1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router to use with my IPhone 12 Pro so I can have multiple devices connected to the internet because I live in the country and have no other source for WiFi oth
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By Amigo- 2022-08-22 21:32:24

Re:Beta Site DOWN???

@IrvSp it's not necessarily a dns issue I was thinking about, it was testing your network's ability to exchange packets. So by pinging google successfully (you can use any address you want, this was j
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By Amigo- 2022-08-22 19:22:19

Re:Beta Site DOWN???

@IrvSp if you're experiencing issues reaching other sites as well, it sounds like it's something on your network that is causing the interference. If/When you run into this again, I'd be curious if yo
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By Masamune 2022-08-15 04:50:56

Not getting great speeds from AX11000

I have 2 TP-Link routers in my house right now. Archer AX11000 and Archer AXE75. I have 900 mbps down service. From the same exact spot in my house (about 20ft away, through a couple walls), only minu
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By ARHZ 2022-08-21 08:45:31

all routers

witch way should the router be facing . there is a back and a front . dose it mater . is the signal stronger in front or back or dose it mater . i have the router at one end of the house , and i have
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By MartinD55 2022-08-19 14:41:17

5G Network not offered

I have a new TP-Link Archer AX3000 Wi-Fi router. When I open the Windows Network & internet Settings panel to select a router to connect with, I only see the TP-Link_E970 SSID as a choice, but not the