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By SukumarCR700 2023-07-12 23:12:15

TG frequency is not visible and 2.4G drops and needs restart the device

5G frequency is not available for connecting 2.4G keeps dropping and needs a restarts trice in a day.
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By 4FCRam 2023-07-07 15:22:03

Connecting to 2.4G

Sst unit up, but not sure how to select the 2.4g band to use with some of my devices.
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By badbug2000 2023-07-03 13:12:19

Wifi5 or Wifi6 ?

I'm using a AX5400 router but my computer show it connected to wifi5, not wifi6. How to fix this ? Thanks
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By sweller 2023-06-23 19:04:47

Firmware update circus.

This question is specifically for the community because of the ... interesting ... variety of answers I get from "support." The router is telling me there's a pending firmware update. The last two tim
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Lancer525 2023-06-19 11:13:10

No idea what's going on...

I have absolutely no idea if my issue has been addressed or not, because of all the jargon used here. I am not a professional in this field, and I don't understand any of the technobabble being used.
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By random_guy 2023-06-21 06:00:25

Wi-Fi getting half of the speed while my router is reporting that I have 800mbps.

Hi I got this router for like 3 years now and I'm noticing that my internet on my pc is around 300-400mbps but when i ran a speed test on my Archer C4000 in its UI its reporting 800mbps. What are the