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By Sparky672 2020-03-27 03:24:27

[BUGS] AX1500 Network Map connection icons are wrong and other GUI sloppiness

I decided to try out the "Smart Connect" option... However, when I looked at the connected devices on the Network Map, I am seeing total nonsense. For example, my TV and Thermostat are connected by th
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By NowhereMan 2017-01-06 23:12:10

Password Recovery Email SMTP Setup

Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : Can someone please provide some information on how to setup the SMTP server information so that I can enable the password recovery of my Archer C260
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Sparky672 2020-03-26 16:05:09

Password recovery SMTP settings not working

Under System > Administration > Password Recovery I am trying to set this up using my Gmal SMTP credentials. Issue #1 - There is no place to enter the port number for the SMTP server. Gmail, iCloud, m