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By ReallyHopeful 2020-05-18 21:38:00

X60 unstable after "database security update"

I have had Deco X60 for a few weeks, working fine. Starting this morning, the network got unstable after a Database Security Update was pushed. Tech support told me to reset the Decos and re-configure
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By Sjek 2020-05-18 21:07:35

Re:X60 (hotspot mode) very unstable

Unfortunately it is not possible to set the KPN experiabox in bridge mode so the tp link has to be in accesspoint mode.
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By ReallyHopeful 2020-04-24 06:29:23

Archer AX Router family - compatible with Deco X60?

If I use an Archer AX router as main router connected to the cable modem, can I use Deco X60 throughout the house as access points, some connected to the router via Ethernet, and some connected wirele
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By ReallyHopeful 2020-04-23 18:00:45

X60 as Access Point setup - how does backhaul work?

Setup: - cable modem / router in the basement, connected to a Netgear switch; ethernet cables throughout the house - cable service 300 Mbps - 3-piece kit Deco X60 I can connect 2 Deco units to the rou
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By ReallyHopeful 2020-04-23 17:55:36

X60 - Powerline backhaul?

I have bought a Deco X60 3-piece kit. This is the setup - I have a 300 Mbps cable service - Main Deco unit as router, it is in the basement connected to cable modem (which is in bridge mode); main dec
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By ReallyHopeful 2020-04-23 03:55:41

Deco X60 - Can it backhaul over powerline?

I just installed a Deco X60 3-pieces kit. I have cable, 300Mbps. - Base unit in the basement. It connects with the cable modem and with a Netgear switch, as I have ethernet in most of the rooms - 1st