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By dawnbreaker09 2022-08-23 21:53:41

Archer T9UH v2 - Only connects at 600mbps

Hello - I've had a few disconnects and also I have speed concerns. I expected this to connect to my TP Link Wireless Router (TP-Link AC5400) at something better than 600mbps. The router is in the very
Forums/ Adapters
By dawnbreaker09 2020-10-07 02:54:21

Archer T9UH: Two Issues. #1) Wireless Mouse Interference, and, #2) Only connects at 600mbps to 5GHz

If there's someone out there to help me, I would really appreciate it. I could use some help on a couple of issues. #1) If i plug this unit in, my Logitech wireless mouse freaks out and stops working.