Anyway to fade on the bulbs?

Anyway to fade on the bulbs?
Anyway to fade on the bulbs?
2019-03-17 00:37:07
Model: LB120
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.8.6

Originally wanted lights that will slowly fade on when I wake up at set time. I should have done more research prior to buying my LB120 but for some reason I thought the "scene" settings was going to do that. I was wrong. 


That said, Does anyone know if this is even possible with any of the products by TP-Link? I want the ability to:

  • Have the light turn on at the lowest brightness at a specific time
  • Have the lights slowly get brighter at a specific temperature
  • Choose the duration in which the lights get brighter
  • Schedule this on select days and turn on/off these days easily


Maybe I'm asking for too much? or Maybe it's just something that can be done via firmware/software upgrade? But if there is a way, I would love to know. That was the primary reason for me buying this vs the lifx and I figured why not becuase it was much more affordable and weight was lighter per bulb. 


I've tried different methods using IFTTT but that didn't really work out. 

I see that the dimmer switch has a fade capability but I'm not sure how much of that is customizable to the extent that I want. 

I'd rather ask here first than to just buy it again and realize it doesn't do what I want. Not much documentation found on most of the products (at least in the depth of detail that I would like). 


Thanks in advance,



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Re:Anyway to fade on the bulbs?
2019-03-18 16:33:22



The only feature that is similar to your request is called Auto-White/Circadian mode.  What this does is based on the time of day it will set the bulb to the apporiate light setting.  For the specific features you are looking for, our bulbs simply don't do these, yet.  I will however send this request to our Smart Home division so they can evalute for a potential future update. 


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Re:Re:Anyway to fade on the bulbs?
2019-04-09 01:27:38
Would like this too. To be able to have the light slowly brighten (at a certain color temp) either before an alarm or as an alarm sounds. All in a google home routine.