HS210 in 4 way application

HS210 in 4 way application
HS210 in 4 way application
2020-12-29 01:09:52
Model: HS210
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Hello all,


I know there's multiple threads on using the HS210 in 4 and even 5 way configurations. I followed a few different instructions in multiple threads and installed both HS210 switches at the beginning and end of a 4 way circuit (the load and line ends) where a 3 way switch normally is installed. The problems I'm having is that the switches only work when the middle 4 way switch is in the "on" position, if the "dumb" switch is in the "off" position neither of the HS210 switches are able to turn on the lights. Another issue is that there is a delay or lag when the load end HS210 turns on the light, about a 3-4 second delay, I've attempted to set up both of the HS210s as the primary switches and it doesn't make a difference which one is primary.


I've considered maybe doing one of the following:

1. Put back one of the "dumb" 3 way switches, this seems like a good solution except Kasa will be unable to detect the on/off status of the circuit thus smart home application is limited. 


2. Bypass the middle 4 way switch and create a regular 3 way circuit, if this eliminates the delay that I'm experiencing then I can forgo one of the switches in the circuit although ideally I'd like to keep all 3 switches.


3. Possibly the traveler wires need to be in a different configuration, I replaced the original 3 way switches with the HS210s in the same configuration as the dumb switches however I may have mixed up the travelers, not sure if that matters.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, TIA