New Sub-GHz Sensors: Motion and Contact/Door

New Sub-GHz Sensors: Motion and Contact/Door

New Sub-GHz Sensors: Motion and Contact/Door
New Sub-GHz Sensors: Motion and Contact/Door
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First Sub-Ghz Sensors Released from Tapo




Tapo T100: Sub-GHz Smart Motion Sensor


Tapo’s New T100 Smart Motion Sensor is set to be one of the most powerful additions to the Tapo Line of products, allowing you tofd4198e43250414bb651719820da4b90 automatically turn on your hallway or bedroom lights as users walk by, or even set a custom time frame to activate your Tapo Smart Hubs alarm and send notifications whenever motion is detected. 

 Wide Range Detection – Captures Motion up to 23 Feet Away with a 120° Field of View.

Adjustable Sensitivity – Three Separate Levels of Sensitivity to Prevent False Triggers

Versatile Mounting Options – Included Flexible Magnetic Mount and 3M Tape


Tapo T110: Sub-GHz Smart Contact Sensor for Doors and Windows

7d08759646bc42aa91b32bdea2b694aeThe Tapo T110 Smart Contact Sensor is the perfect solution for real-time monitoring of anything that opens and closes.

1+ Year Battery Life: Based on 60 Triggers a Day for 22,000 Triggers in Total

Easy Installation: The Sensor and Magnet Support a Gap of up to 15mm

These sensors can be used beyond Doors and Windows to track things like cabinets, fridges, or even your mailbox. No more wondering if you left a window open, when the mailman arrives, or even if someone decides to raid your snack drawer in the middle of the night. 



Read More About Tapo’s Low Power Wireless Protocol 


*Please Note: All Sub-Ghz Devices Require a Compatible Sub-Ghz Hub from Tapo for Connectivity. The H100 May be Purchased separately; the H200 is sold alongside two cameras in the C420S2.


Available Now on Amazon:

Buy the T100 Sub-GHz Motion Sensor on Amazon  |  Official Product Page

Buy the T110 Sub-GHz Contact Sensor on Amazon |  Official Product Page

Buy the H100 Sub-Ghz Smart Hub on Amazon | Official Product Page




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