Disable Light Switch


Disable Light Switch

Disable Light Switch
Disable Light Switch
2023-04-21 01:52:33 - last edited 2023-04-23 05:56:16
Model: HS200  
Hardware Version:
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i have a kid who likes to turn on his switch in middle the night and play, but that wakes his sibling.

would be nice to have a feature to disable the switch for certain times or even make it need 2 clicks to work.

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Re:Disable Light Switch
2023-04-23 05:57:10


Thank you for your feedback here, we certainly appreciate your feedback and feature request.
While we don't have any specific details that I can share about if this feature can come to the product or when it might, I'll log the feature request and pass it along to the team to evaluate.
I moved this conversation into the ‘Feature Request (Kasa)' area for better visibility, and if other users have the same request, please vote on this post.
Best Regards

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