Now Available: C420 Add-On Camera and C420S1 Bundle

Now Available: C420 Add-On Camera and C420S1 Bundle

Now Available: C420 Add-On Camera and C420S1 Bundle
Now Available: C420 Add-On Camera and C420S1 Bundle
2023-05-02 18:06:14 - last edited 2023-05-02 18:10:46
Model: Tapo C420S2  
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Tapo has officially launched the C420S1 Bundle and C420 (Add-On Camera) for Users Looking to either expand their coverage of their existing C420 Cameras or are simply looking to get started with Sub-GHz.5b5311d9d595462faa6b4afce7f70eb3

Note: The Tapo C420 camera is an addon camera that requires a compatible H200 hub to operate. The H200 hub is only sold as a bundle with another C420 camera, such as the C420S2 or C420S1.

180-Day Battery Life Power Saving Mode – Rechargeable and Removable Battery *Based on 10-20 Events Per Day

Full Color Night Vision with Starlight Sensor51IG4hYeYhL

Wire-Free Placement - No wires to connect means you can place the cameras almost anywhere inside or outside-whatever works for you!


IP65 Water & Dust Resistant - Offers excellent dustproof and good waterproof performance for outdoor scenarios.



Sub-Ghz Connection with the H200 Smart Hub

Both the C420 and C420S1 connect to the H200 Sub-Ghz hub, which allows them to take advantage of the Sub-Ghz frequency to both save power and connect over longer distances. The H200 can also operate as the hub of operations for any smart sensors that you may have added.

The C420 Series of Battery-Powered Cameras connect to the H200 Sub-GHz Smart Hub from Tapo – allowing you to connect up to 64 Sub-GHz Smart Sensors and 4 Smart Cameras for an All-In-One experience. 

* Please Be Aware That Smart Cameras will only connect the the H200 Smart Hub, NOT the H100 Smart Hub with Chime. The H200 is only sold as a part of a bundle as the C420S1 and C420S2.

** Sub-Ghz Cameras are not currently compatible with the ONVIF or RTSP protocols.

Where to Buy + Official Product Pages:

Tapo C420S2 (2 C420s + 1 H200) Amazon Page  | Official Product Page

Tapo C420S1 (1 C420 + 1 H200) Amazon Page  |

Tapo C420 (1 Addon Camera) Amazon Page  | *Requires Existing H200 Hub (NOT Sold Separately)

Tapo H200 Smart Hub Official Product Page – Only Available in C420S1 + C420S2 Camera Bundles


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