New Temperature and Humidity Sensors Released!

New Temperature and Humidity Sensors Released!

New Temperature and Humidity Sensors Released!
New Temperature and Humidity Sensors Released!
2023-08-03 22:20:30 - last edited 2023-08-09 16:46:38
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Tapo T315: Smart Temperature and Humdity Monitor w/ E-Ink Display

Tapo T310: Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor





Product Overview | Buy Now on Amazon

Product Overview | Buy Now on Amazon




Real-Time & Accurate Monitoring - Detects real-time temperature and humidity with great accuracy. 


T315 Only: 2.7" E-ink Display - Indicates temperature & humidity, comfort level with emoji expressions, battery condition, and signal.


Free Data Storage & Visual Graphs - Record temperature and humidity data and generate periodic data summaries. View the historical temperature and humidity by Day, Month, or Year.




Configuring Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zones Allow You to Set a Range at which you expect your temperature and humidity to fall. When the sensor receives readings that are outside of your comfort zone range, you will be sent a notification. This is extremely helpful for Greenhouses or other rooms where it is important that the environment remains consistent.


Temperature Comfort Zone

Humidity Comfort Zone




Available Smart Action Triggers for the Tapo 315 and Tapo 310

5f58a979d8204a4e97fce819cfec1266When Selecting the Tapo T315 (or 310) as the trigger device for a Smart Action, you will be able to choose any of the following triggers:

  • Temperature Over ‘x’ Degrees
  • Temperature Below ‘x’ Degrees
  • Humidity Over Specific Percent
  • Humidity Below Specific Percent


Please Note: A Separate Warning Notification May Be Configured from the Device Settings under Comfort Zone.


Using the above triggers, surviving the summer heat is becoming easier than ever. Connect a Tapo Smart Plug to a fan to automatically turn on when your room begins to get uncomfortable, or save energy by turning off extra appliances when the temperature is at its peak and energy costs are at a premium.


Learn More About How to Create Automations Involving Temperature and Humidity Sensors in our Latest KB Article:

Creating Automations with Sub-GHz Temperature and Humidity Sensors


How Do You Plan to Automate Your Home with the Latest Temperature Sensors from Tapo?



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