HS 100 connected but no output power.

HS 100 connected but no output power.
HS 100 connected but no output power.
2017-01-25 06:12:05
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I have the identical problem as the poster on 1-6-17, but nobody responded to him. I would hope Support can get back to me far sooner that the ongoing 18-day time frame with his issue. Also, this is the second device of two that has failed,a 100% fail rate. I returned one already. Both only lasted a couple of weeks with minimal use.

My HS100 smart plug is connected, all green, connected to wi-fi but there is no output power.
I can switch on/off by pressing the button or through KASA app, and I can hear it switching inside but there is no power coming out to plugged in device. It acts like there is a defective circuit breaker inside.
It was ok for a first few days but not any more.
I have done a factory reset, deleted and re-installed the device with no improvement.
At this point i would have to assume this is a known issue with this device. I find it hard to believe I have a 100% fail rate for the two HS100's I have used. I don't want to keep sending them back over and over. Is this a known issue, and since it probably is, when will the new plugs have the fix installed? Or, is there a procedure to fix these without having to send it back?
Thank you.