Ready to Meet the New Tapo 3.0 App?

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Ready to Meet the New Tapo 3.0 App?

We are extremely excited to announce the latest major app update for Tapo. This update brings a streamlined design and experience, new automation modes, widgets, group control, and much more!   

Please Be Aware that the Tapo 3.0 App is being rolled out gradually; there is no guarantee that the app update will be available to your device. If you have the app on one device, and the update will not appear on another – please make sure that you are using the same App Store account between the two devices. 


Get Ready for a Brand New UI Design and Home Page Experience!









Card Design

Freely Switch Between List View and Grid View


Device Type Grouping

Devices are Grouped Together by their Device Type Automatically

Improved Room Management and Navigation









Status Page Optimization

The layout is optimized with a more reasonable division of functional areas and colorized backgrounds for RGB lights.





Increased Compatibility – Manage Your Kasa Devices from Within the Tapo App


dc448e8b9d8843e8b1bf618ac72c5915     Binding – Add and Bind Kasa Devices in the Tapo App

     Control – Check and Control Kasa Devices on the Home Page of the Tapo App

     Interconnectivity – Easily Synchronize Kasa devices to the Tapo App

      FAQ: General Questions about Linking Kasa Devices to the Tapo App




Check Out More of the Latest Features Below!


Group Control

Control Your Device Groups with a Single-Tap from the App’s Home Page




Camera Privacy Mode Quick Control

Quickly Enable or Disable Privacy Mode from Your App’s Home Page





Android Widgets 

Device Quick Control, Device Status, Shortcut, Camera, and Robot Vacuums




Automation Triggers for Sunrise and Sunset

Use the New Triggers as-is or offset your trigger by up to 5 hours on either side.




Activity Center (Camera)

Quick access to all the detection events of all cameras in a Timeline

Filter Events using the Date, Device, or Detection Type (Doorbell, Motion, Pet, Person etc.)


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Currently a Kasa User? See What the Tapo 3.0 App Can Do for You!


If you have never used the Tapo app but would like to try the New Kasa Integration, you will immediately see a few new features not yet available in the Kasa App.

Please remember that the Kasa Integration and features are still in development. Not all devices and features are currently available across both the Tapo and Kasa Apps and you may find bugs in the current implementation. Please Report all Bugs or Unexpected Behaviors on our Tapo Bug Report Forum Module.



Multiview for Camera Live Views

View Multiple Cameras simultaneously for a Comprehensive View of Your Home





Home / Away Mode for Cameras

Adjust your camera settings to align with your presence at home, or when you are away.





Activity Center (Cameras)

Quick access to all the detection events of all cameras in a Timeline

Filter Events using the Date, Device, or Detection Type (Doorbell, Motion, Pet, Person etc.)





Timers for Kasa Lighting

Adding a Kasa Device in the Tapo App will allow you to schedule a Timer to Automatically Turn your Device On/Off after a set amount of time.



Don’t See an App Update Available Yet?

The update is becoming available to users in waves and will appear for your account over the coming months. You may be able to improve the chances by uninstalling your current version, rebooting your phone, and reinstalling the app – Otherwise, you will need to wait until your app store can see the update.


Ready to Explore the Latest Features?

Download the Tapo App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store




Were You a Beta Tester for the Tapo 3.0 App?

While your app should automatically update to the latest public version, it is recommended to leave the test to ensure you are given the most recent version of the app.

For iOS Users: Leave the Testflight Program with the Apple Testflight App. It is recommended to reinstall the app to clear any cached settings.

For Android Users: Please Leave the Beta from the Google Play Store and Uninstall the Tapo App that you currently have installed.



Found a Bug? Visit our Bug Reports Forum Module


Have Other Feedback or Questions? Leave a Comment Below!



Is 3.0 going to solve the problem of "zoomed in" faces and license plates can Not be recognized or read using C320WS and C325WB cameras?

Will all my devices transfer over once i log in?



Once you link your Kasa Account from within the Tapo app, the Kasa devices that are currently available for use in the Tapo App will automatically be available in the Tapo app. This FAQ is linked during the process, but should have the most up to date list of compatible devices: Cannot Find a Kasa device in Tapo App During Setup


The C320XX Cameras do not feature an optical zoom and relies on digital zoom, which simply zooms in on the pixels that are being recorded by the camera. To help with the clarity of images, make sure that your device is using the highest video quality possible so that there will be more pixels available at a smaller scale. If this is happening at night, there are a few things that can be done such as limiting light interference.

Has the beta ended for the C425?

Is Kasa app getting discontinued?

@Aravot ,

No, there are no plans to discontinue the Kasa App, especially as it is continuing to have new features developed for it and we intend to continue releasing smart home products. Adding Kasa devices to your Tapo app is simply a quality of life improvement for users who have devices from both brands. Now you can control your smart home from one app.

I have a Kasa KD110 doorbell and a Tapo C420 camera and hub. I've added both to the Tapo app (3.0.507). While I get alerts from the C420 camera, I don't get alerts from the KD110, even though the app shows alerts are configured. Has anyone else observed similar behavior?

Attached are screen shots of the configuration screens.

It would be cool if Away mode could be activated with Google Home's presence mode. 

Can we please get the ability to share access access and control to our Kasa devices with another TP Link ID, like you can with Tapo devices?