Getting Started with Tapo's AI Detection and Detection Zones

Associated FAQ and Guide: How to Use the Detection Features of Kasa and Tapo Cameras

Across all TP-Link cameras, you will find a variety of AI-based event triggers. To the right, you can find the Detection options and types for the Tapo C120 Indoor/Outdoor Smart Security Camera.


After selecting “Set for Each” instead of “Set for All” under the first option, you will be able to see and change the detection zones used for each AI detection type. (Note: Features and Customized Zones are model dependent)


Image-Based Detection Typesc3c86ab4ea1e4e9a92a091d33f9b9852

  • Customizable Detection Zones Available for:
    • Person Detection
    • Pet Detection
    • Vehicle Detection
    • Motion Detection
  • Line-Crossing Detection
  • Area Intrusion Detection
  • Package Detection


Sound-Based Detection Types

  • Baby Crying Detectionb38b831e85fa4fc1aeee856668803d4d
  • Glass Break Detection
  • Dog Barks Detection
  • Cat Meows Detection


Other Detection Types

  • Doorbell Theft Detection




Detection Zones by AI Detection Typeff74f520ab894f42b4e836ca5bf32044

While all Tapo and Kasa cameras support the use of Activity Zones to limit the number of notifications you get from motion events, some of our latest releases from Tapo allow you to create similar detection zones or configure sensitivity settings per detection type.


This means that the AI detection features, such as Person and Vehicle Detection, will no longer rely on the full image captured by the camera. Instead, the algorithm will only consider the areas that you have marked for detection – helping to eliminate excessive or false notifications. 


Learn More in our FAQ:

How to Use the Detection Features of Kasa and Tapo Cameras


Please Note:

  • The Detection types available to your camera/doorbell are model and device-specific, please first check your product’s datasheet for a list of supported detection types.
  • Many of the advanced image and sound detection types are considered Beta and are still under development. These detection types may not be as reliable or behave as expected in some situations. Improvements are always being made to further optimize the detection algorithms and accuracy of these features.


Other AI Detection Features:

Image Tagging on Live Viewdcce74f557844c3293beaa1efc9659e3

If your camera supports the feature, you can turn on “Tags” for the live view of your camera. The option can be found below the live view of your camera.


When enabled, objects or people triggering your AI Detection features will have an outline, similar to the image shown to the right, with an associated tag (Person, Pet, Vehicle). These will update as the person or object moves throughout the field of view. 





Rich Notifications and Smart Sorting of Detected Events  7d348ae0cab34620b48594a8dbd61039

Looking for smart sorting of notifications, cloud-hosted clip storage, or Rich App Notifications with Event Snapshots?

Check out what Tapo Care offers here:



General Question & Answers:

Why do my AI Detection Types not Follow the Activity Zone set for Motion?

The AI Detection Features use entirely different systems and algorithms to detect and classify a detection. Motion Sensitivity often refers to the sensitivity or view of the PIR sensor on the camera. The PIR sensor uses Infrared Radiation changes to detect motion events and is completely separate from the camera’s image sensor.


How can I limit false notifications or improve the accuracy of detection?

Avoid placing your camera in a highly active environment, such as facing a busy street or sidewalk. If unavoidable, you will need to fine-tune your detection settings and camera placement.

  • Adjust the Sensitivity of the Detection Types
  • Set an Activity or Detection Zone to Limit False Notifications in Active or Problematic Areas
  • Ensure that there are no objects with reflections within the camera’s view
  • Avoid placing your camera behind glass, as the Infrared sensors will not function properly, and a reflection on the glass is likely.


Why do my camera settings show a different set of settings or sensitivities?

Each camera has a different set of configurable settings as a result of the varying hardware, video quality, and processing capabilities of cameras. For example, 1080p cameras will see fewer sensitivity levels than a 2K camera.


Will my camera be updated to support AI Detection Zones?

We cannot provide an answer to this question as these features are dependent on multiple aspects, such as hardware capabilities. We recommend checking the user guide of your device for a complete list of compatible detection types. If your camera is updated to support AI Detection Zones, there will be a note in the firmware’s patch notes.


Motion – Wake Sensitivity: This feature is specific to battery cameras and will affect how often the camera will ‘wake’ due to motion or network events. Please see this FAQ for more information:

What is the Wake-Up Sensitivity Feature of my Battery-Operated Tapo Camera or Doorbell?