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Forums/ Feature Request
2023-01-04 03:53:27
Re:Duration Function
@Solla-topee That absolutely works, thank you! I wasn't familiar enough with the nomenclature they were using and how to use thay function.
Forums/ Feature Request
2022-12-31 05:09:32
Duration Function
I would like to have the ability to set a duration for my switches or light bulbs. It would be nice to set a time range between a start and stop time where if a light switch is turned on, it will...
Forums/ Product Suggestion
2022-12-31 05:04:05
Flood Light Camera
I would really like to see a smart flood light camera.
Forums/ Feature Request
2022-12-31 04:59:09
RE:Add Motion Sensor on Switches as a Trigger
Great suggestion!