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By BobENose 2021-05-15 13:16:13

Purpose of MicroUSB port on the HS300 ?

Any information provided on the purpose of the microusb port available internally on the HS300 PCB ? (mine isn't populated, but I've seen teardown pics with the port present) Looking for a simple seri
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Howster 2020-09-21 12:01:00

HS105 plugs suddenly don't work with Alexa

Hi,. 2 days ago Alexa stopped working for my 2 HS105 smart plugs. Each plug is associated with different Amazon/Alexa accounts incidentally. I can turn ON/OFF the plugs in our Kasa apps but Alexa says
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By PassingBy 2021-03-16 11:50:22

HS100 Amber/red only Wi-Fi LED (FIXED)

Hey! While encountering this issue and browsing the web for solution ending with "contact support for RMA". As this product already was out of warranty for me I didn't even try to waste my time and in
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By kasa-kp400 2021-05-12 06:46:49

Kasa smart plug got soaked in water and stopped working.

My Kasa outdoor Smart plug got wet because of heavy rain and it has stopped working. It was brand new and I purchased it 20 days back.Is it covered under a warranty? How can I fix it at home?