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Forums/ Kasa Cameras
By Vapian 2023-04-20 15:27:57

KD110 No Live Video

Opening a new issue, as this is new to me, and appears to have happened well after other, older threads indicating possible firmware problems. I have a KD110 that's been working fairly well since at l
Forums/ Feature Request
By Vapian 2023-02-06 18:23:41

Kasa Doorbell - Specific Doorbell Notification for Android App

Currently the Kasa app for Android provides a notification that a doorbell press has occurred. This notification can be toggled On or Off in the Device Settings for the doorbell, but nowhere else. On
Forums/ Kasa Cameras
By Vapian 2023-01-31 19:37:31

Additional KD110C Chimes?

In multiple places including Kasa's own FAQs, it is stated that the KD110 supports using multiple chimes. In at least one location, Kasa has stated a single KD110 will ring up to 20 chimes. I have a K
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By Riley_S 2023-01-06 01:10:43

CES 2023: Kasa Smart Switches, Dimmers, and Controllers

Newly Announced and Released Switches, Dimmers, and a New Ceiling Fan Controller This category has received the most product recommendations over the last year by far. We are now excited to announce t
Forums/ Product Suggestion
By Vapian 2022-12-17 17:22:03

Flexible, Functional Ceiling Light Fixtures

This was suggested as part of another thread, but figured it might need to be a thread of its own and expanded on a bit. Make a recessed lighting fixture that's basically the features of the KL135 (or
Forums/ Feature Request
By Vapian 2022-12-12 17:38:54

Motion and Lights - "Off Means Off"

I currently have a Group with six (soon to be eight) KL135 bulbs and two ES20M switches. The two switches are wired for power, but are not wired to a load, as I don't want them actually removing power