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Forums/ Product Highlights and Announcements
By Riley_S 2023-06-15 22:14:44

Give Your Feedback for Our Support Site Here!

Hey Everyone, Our team is currently looking for your Feedback regarding our site layout and what support resources you use the most often. Our team would like to ensure that the most used resources ar
Forums/ Kasa App and Integrations
By TheScottyZ 2023-12-27 12:14:07

In-app Schedule

Hi, Is it possible to make the on/off schedule more robust? Something similar to a programmable thermostat schedule perhaps, in that an LED strip for example, can be scheduled to turn on and off twice
Forums/ Kasa Smart Bulbs
By TheScottyZ 2023-12-15 22:34:50

Can I attach a KL400L5 LED light strip to one of the two power plugs on a KL400L10?

Hi, My model number is actually KL400L10, not KL400L5, and I am unsure of the Hardware Version, but here goes..... I recently purchased a KL400L10 LED light strip. This is a device that comes with a p