ER605 ER7206 v1.1.1 Firmware Release

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ER605 ER7206 v1.1.1 Firmware Release
ER605 ER7206 v1.1.1 Firmware Release
2022-02-11 12:06:48 - last edited 2022-03-19 13:07:58

This Article Applies to:


ER605(UN)_V1_1.1.1_Build 20210723

ER7206(UN)_V1_1.1.1_Build 20210723


Release Notes:


  • New Feature/Enhancement


New features in both Controller mode and Standalone mode:

1. Add support for Dual Image feature and optimize the Flash design to improve stability and reliability (For ER7206 only).

Note: this feature is similar to the Dual Image feature on the switch, the only difference is that we cannot manually configure the backup image. The ER7206 will automatically activate the backup image once it fails to start up with the startup image.

2. Add Emergency mode to recovery the firmware, please refer to FAQ3062.

3. Add support for IPv6.

4. Add support for Daylight Saving Time (DST).

5. Optimize the mechanism of aging UPnP entries (For ER7206 only).

6. Optimize the priority of One-to-One NAT and IPsec tunnels.

7. New features in Controller mode:

7.1 PPTP/L2TP VPN can be selected as the Interface for static route and policy routing.

7.2 Add support to customize the firewall parameters.

7.3 Routing table, VPN, DDNS and Port forwarding status can be displayed on the Insight page.

7.4 Optimize the export of OpenVPN certificate.

8. New features in Standalone mode:

8.1 Multi networks are supported.

8.2 LAN-to-LAN ACL are added to manage the behavior between networks, refer to FAQ3061 for Configuration Guide.


  • Bug Fixed


1. Fix the bug that Omada Gateway cannot be adopted after upgrading the firmware.

2. Fix the bug that the device account was reset after multiple configurations.

3. Fix the bug that TTL of the packets is reduced by 2 after forwarding.

4. Fix the bug that the existing sessions may not be switched to the backup WAN when performing the link backup.

5. Decouple some configurations of WAN and LAN.

6. Fix the bug that Virtual Server, One-to-One NAT and NAT Loopback failed.

7. Fix the bug that Speed Test failed in some circumstances.


Direct Download:


ER605(UN)_v1_1.1.1 Build 20210723 --> For ER605 (aka TL-R605) v1.0 and v1.6.

ER7206(UN)_v1_1.1.1 Build 20210723 --> For ER7206 (aka TL-ER7206) v1.0 and v1.6.


Upgrade Notes:

1. Your device’s configuration won’t be lost after upgrading.

2. This firmware is applied to the Omada APP of version 3.0.x or above.

3. This firmware is fully adapted to the Omada SDN Controller 4.3.5 or above.

4. It is recommended to reboot the ER605 before upgrading to the firmware v1.1.1, otherwise, the bugs in the older firmware may cause the upgrade to fail. Related discussions can be found here.


To check the latest firmware of ER605 & ER7206, welcome to subscribe this post.




Any further feedback on the new firmware, please feel free to start a new thread from HERE.


When reporting an issue, especially it's about firmware upgrade, it's suggested to include the following info:

-- Management mode (Controller or Standalone)

-- Device Model(s) and Hardware

-- Device Firmware (previous and current)


Thank you in advance for your great cooperation and support!

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