JetStream Switches May Become Unmanageable After a Firmware Upgrade

JetStream Switches May Become Unmanageable After a Firmware Upgrade

JetStream Switches May Become Unmanageable After a Firmware Upgrade
JetStream Switches May Become Unmanageable After a Firmware Upgrade
2022-09-29 08:18:59 - last edited 2022-09-29 09:40:54

This Article Applies to:


All JetStream Smart and Managed series Switches managed by Omada Controller, including 

TL-SL2xxx(P) , TL-SG2xxx(P/MP), TL-SG3xxx(P/MP/XMP)


Issue Description/Phenomenon:


Recently TP-Link received some feedback that the JetStream Switches may become unmanageable and appear 'Disconnected' on the Omada Controller after upgrading to the firmware with Build number 202206xx or 202207xx, and the issue could be temporarily resolved by a manual reboot in some cases.


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Thank you all @greenwing@Harold_H@btx@lexam for providing the request information to help our support team figure out the issue, your great cooperation is much appreciated!


Available Solutions:


After deep investigation, TP-Link has located the causes of the issue described in this post, and there are actually two causes, one is related to the PoE module and the other is caused by the SSH configuration. As the problem phenomenon is similar, you may try the following available solutions to fix the issue if you happen to suffer from the issue described in this post.


1. For All JetStream PoE Switches (the issue is related to the PoE module)


Please upgrade to the latest official firmware whose Build number is 20220909 first. If the issue still exists, or you have the issue with JetStream non-PoE Switches, please check Solution 2.



You can upgrade the new firmware online through cloud with your Omada Controller, or download the firmware from the TP-Link Official WebsiteIt is recommended to reboot the switch before upgrading, especially if the memory usage exceeds 60%.


2. For All JetStream Switches (the issue is caused by the SSH configuration)


Please disable SSH or modify the SSH port back to 22 as a temporary solution. After the Switch turns back to 'Connected' state on your Controller, you can enable SSH and change the SSH port again. TP-Link will fix this issue in the next firmware release soon, please wait patiently.


If the above available solutions doesn't work for your case, it's probably a different issue. In that case, please feel free to start a new thread or contact TP-Link support for further investigation.


Thank you for your attention!



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Re:JetStream Switches May Become Unmanageable After a Firmware Upgrade
2022-12-06 02:46:00

  @Fae So I recently did firmware updates to both of my TL-SG3428 switches. Now I cannot log into either switch, it tells me the username or password is incorrect. I have not changed either of these. Also Omada is showing both switches as managed by others.
Is there any solution other than resetting both switches?