Deco M9 Plus IoT

Deco M9 Plus IoT
Deco M9 Plus IoT
2019-06-24 08:13:49
Model: Deco M9 Plus
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version:

Hi all.

Doubts about the device:
I have purchased this device because I have smart bulbs out of the reach of the Philips HUE Bridge, hoping that I could transport the signal from the remote bulbs to the bridge. I have not been able to do it. It is possible?
I would like to replace the operator equipment, but Deco M9 Plus does not have more than one VLAN capacity in the WAN. Are improvements expected in this regard? I need a configuration guide for Movistar Spain. Does it exists?
I also have 14 Ikea bulbs. Are them expected to be included in the future? Natively or also through a bridge?
Why can not Zigbee bulbs be attached directly to the Deco M9 Plus without a bridge currently? Does the Deco M9 Plus speak Zigbee natively or is it just a gateway to a bridge? In the second case, what is the use of having an additional equipment doing the same thing as the Philips bridge already does?
I expected some kind of Bluetooth functionality as advertised, but I do not see any way to associate a Bluetooth device. How is it done? Would it help to reach a Bluetooth device from outside the scope of the same using the Deco M9 as a repeater?
I need advanced management beyond the application. Is it possible? How?
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Re:Deco M9 Plus IoT
2019-06-25 09:12:17

Hi Brusbuilis,


1. Deco M9 Plus follows the standard ZigBee protocol. Philips hue lights have their private protocol on the application layer of ZigBee standard. Thus they cannot connect to Deco M9 Plus directly through ZigBee, but requiring the Philips hue bridge instead.


2. Deco M9 Plus will add support to customize the IPTV settings in future updates. At that time, you will be able to set the Ethernet LAN port on Deco as an IPTV port.

Not sure how Movistar provides their services. Maybe you could contact the ISP for further details.


3. Currently Deco doesn't support to add Ikea bulbs as smart devices. Will feedback to the Deco team for evaluation.


4. Currently the bluetooth feature is only compatible with Luminaire and BeON bluetooth bulbs. You could refer to the compatibility list for details.