Powerline speeds

Powerline speeds
Powerline speeds
2020-03-23 00:19:18
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I don't understand my Powerline network speeds.


I have the TL-WPA9610 kit, one device connected next to my router and then the WIFI one in the lounge downstairs. I also have 1 x TL-PA9020P connected in my office. Theoretical speed for all devices is 2000Mbps.


On the TP-PLC app I see all devices OK. If I look from the router's perspective I see a reported data rate of around 500Mbps to both the office and lounge.


However, when running internet speed tests I never get more than 40-50Mbps. If I'm connected over ethernet to the router, I get the full 350Mbps line speed. This is the same on both the lounge and office, and is the same whether I have either one or both devices connected. 


I realise powerline won't give me the theoretical speeds, but I'm only getting 10% of the reported speed, less than 3% of the theoretical.


What's going on?

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Re:Powerline speeds
2020-03-26 07:36:31



The powerline link rate is what you see on the tpPLC utility. Theoretically, the actual speed can be 30%-40% of it. While considering it is just 10%, we can do some troubleshooting to located this issue and try to figure it out. 


1. What is the led status of the powerline adapter? 


2. What is the speed you can get from the base unit which connects to the main router directly? 


3. Please change another location to plug the powerline adapters and test the speed. Note: Please click here to get the wired/wireless negotiation speed of your device when it is connected to the powerline adapter.


4. Try to plug them into the same room and test the speed. Please show me the results as well. 


5. Please ensure that the firmware is up to date, otherwise, you can use the tpPLC utility to update the firmware. 


Best regards. 


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