Power line is light red

Power line is light red
Power line is light red
2020-07-06 13:52:15
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The power line lights on my PA9were green on both adaptors.  One cabled to the router and the other plugged in upstairs and connected to my PlayStation. It works well.

I now have bought a WPA 4220 to extend the wireless network in a different part of the house.

I paired it to the 9020 on the same electric circuit but now the Powerline light is red on both 9020 adaptors.

But green on the 4220 but it has not joined the network but has its own TP network.

What have I done wrong please?


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Re:Power line is light red
2020-07-08 08:33:53 - last edited 2020-07-08 08:35:58




Did you mean that when you add the TL-WPA 4220 to the network, both 9020 adapters stop working? And you can only see the wifi network of TL-WPA4220?


Since TL-PA9020P KIT does not have wifi function, so after you pair them, you can see the default TPLINK network name, and you can find the wifi password at the bottom label of the TL-WPA4220. Then check if you can get the Internet from the TL-WPA4220.


You can refer to this link to add the TL-WPA4220 again:



You can try to put all powerline units and your router in the same room, then check if they can work well.


If it still not working, please tell me the LED light status on the 3 units. May I have a photo of them?


Hope it can work and have a nice day!