extending an existing powerlin solution

extending an existing powerlin solution
extending an existing powerlin solution
2020-09-15 18:05:29
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Hello all


i have a home solution comprised of

3 windows 10 pcs

2 windows 7 pc

3 Freenas servers


to my router i have connected a win 10 pc, my tv and then i connected 1 of the tl pa7017 powerline. All the other pcs are connected to their own powerline.


when all are connecteds to in the howse all work fine and the pcs can see and connect to each other.


The problem  i have is that when i move a windows 7 pc to an attached garage the pc will connect to the internet but will not connect to other computers or servers. If i bring this pc with its powerline in the hose all works fine again wint no tweaking


for your information I live in an old shouse in Italy, were i rebuilt the circuit breaker box. From an original 2 curcuit breakers now i have 15. plus i added from this box an extention to the loft and one to the garage and outside


the distace (in wire lenght) betrween the main breaker box and the breaker box in the garage is abou18 meters 


Can someone please guide me to a solution


thank you for your help and time



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Re:extending an existing powerlin solution
2020-09-23 05:47:27


Good day.

Thank you very much for your detailed information;

When you move the windows 7 PC with its power-line to the garage, the middle power-line light would still lit up and there is still internet access on this computer, right?

Have you tried to ping the IP address of other computers and servers to see what happened?

How to Use the Ping Command: https://www.tp-link.com/en/support/faq/425/ 

By the way, have you tried to swap the power-line adapters to see if the issue still existed?


Thank you very much.

Best Regards.
Re:extending an existing powerlin solution
2020-09-23 06:56:31





thank you for your reply


all lights are on and green


the pc does connect to the internet with no issues (any site).however it does not connct to servers.but when i bring the pc and the pa in the house all works fine 


I did swap the pa to no avail


once again thank you