TL WPA7510 Kit - Slow speeds Gfast

TL WPA7510 Kit - Slow speeds Gfast
TL WPA7510 Kit - Slow speeds Gfast
2020-09-21 21:15:04 - last edited 2020-09-21 21:17:40
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

Hi, I just invested in EE Fibre Max 1 - Gfast broadband which has speeds of 145mbps download and 25mbps upload.
I had the AV500 kit but as this only had the 100mbps port I thought I would get the TLWPA7510Kit which has the WPA7510 and PA7010 in the box as they had gigabit ethernet connections. 

On the previous powerline i was achieving 87mbps download speed with the new broadband and attributed the loss to the ethernet port, however on the new WPA 7510 I am only achieving 39 - 45 mbps on the connection. No wiring changes. I have tried a lot of things including plugging them in next to each other dual socket to test the speed but this only increased it  by 1-2 mbps maybe. 


Further info the powerline utility shows the overall connection speed to the device as 536mbps and 606mbps the other way. I know this is not the speed I should expect but I would excpect it to be able to carry at least 100mbps?


Can anyone please offer any suggestions as what might be causing this and if it might be a faulty set perhaps?

Thanks for your advice. 



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Re:TL WPA7510 Kit - Slow speeds Gfast
2020-09-23 02:57:58


Good day.

Sorry for the delay.

Have you tried to reset the TL-WPA7510 by holding the reset pinhole about 5s till you can see all the lights turn on then off?

After that, please pair them again to see if the speed improved;


Since TL-WPA7510kit supports 2.4ghz, 5ghz as well as Ethernet connection, did all three connection have a slow speed?

Could you please help me check the wireless link speed when the device is connected to the 5ghz band of the TL-WPA7510, such as


And please also update the firmware to be the latest one:


How to update the firmware:  


Thank you very much.

Best Regards.