Deco M5 speed problems

Deco M5 speed problems
Deco M5 speed problems
2021-01-22 16:58:06 - last edited 2021-01-22 16:59:16
Model: Deco M5
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I am having a speed problem with my Deco M5s which is two fold:


  1. I have Virgin Media 1GB broadband and running a speed test gives me a speed of 1074Mbps at the Virgin router. However, when I run the speed test from the Deco app, it is only showing 547 Mbps speed.
  2. Wifi speed reaching my phone when I am about 10m from the main M5 device (wired with cat6e direct to the Virgin router) is 240 Mbps on samknows. However, when I sit the phone right on top of the Deco the speed drops to under 100 Mbps.


My M5s are setup in access point mode with no QoS applied.


Anyone any ideas?





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Re:Deco M5 speed problems
2021-01-22 20:54:04 - last edited 2021-01-22 21:00:32



I can't help with figuring what's up with internal Deco speedtest report, but I can give you recommendations on how to run proper speed test on smarpthone, if you would like.


But, first: I also have Deco M5, it runs in Access Point mode, it is wired directly to ISP router. My ISP Internet speed is 300Mbps, but occasionally ISP delivers more, out of generosity (they even say that in their legaleze). Running speed test from smartphone connected to M5 gets me maximum download speed of my Internet connection. It is still far short from max you should be able to get, but obviously much better than 240Mbps you are getting. You should expect to see at least what I see.


This is what I get, constantly and repeatedly:





Recommendations to run speed test


1. Wire Main Deco M5 to Virgin router using Ethernet cable that came with Deco.

2. DIsable 2.4GHz in Deco app WiFi settings.

3. Turn off all WiFi in Virgin router, if have not done that yet. Only have Deco mesh provide WiFi network.

4. The proper distance from Deco M5 to run speed test should be about 2m. 10m is too far, and placing smartphone on Deco is too close - creates network interference between device and M5.

5. Smartphone should have direct unobstructed view of Deco M5 node. Keep smarpthone on the same level as Deco M5: for example, if Deco M5 is on the table .5m above the floor, keep smartphone .5m above the floor, too.

6. When you placed smartphone near Deco M5 as recommended above, turn off and back on WiFi on smartphone, to ensure smartphone is connected to that Deco node. Better, turn off all Satellite Deco nodes and run test with only Main Deco up.

7. Check WiFi band (Frequency), Signal Strength and Link Speed reported in smartphone under WiFi/[Network Name]/Advanced. What you will see there is absolute maximum speed you could get, also what band smarpthone is connected. Ideally, you should see this (screenshot from my smartphone connected to Deco M5):



if you see anything else, which will be worse than that, it could mean issues with smartphone or too much wireless noise/interference. That will impact download speed.


8. Run WiFi Diagnostics from Deco app, under Deco Lab/WiFi Assistant, to see if you have good WiFi signal and low interference. It'll also run its own speedtest, don't trust upload number but download number should be fine to believe.

This is what I get under WiFi Interference of that report, says Low which is good:



9. To double check download speed, open web site in web browser on smartphone and wait till it is completed. Not everyone can run (I can't), but should work everywhere.

See what will you get after running this test.




Now, to adjust expectations. The best you could get from M5 is 400Mbps on 2.4GHz and 866Mbps on 5GHz. It is in ideal situation, with zero other WiFi networks broadcasting around and no other wireless interference.

In real life, you should be happy to see 500-600Mbps on 5GHz with M5, and anything over that should make you ecstatic (it'll definitely make me).



PS. If you need more detaled explanation for any of recommendations I gave for speed test from smartphone, feel free to ask.

Re:Deco M5 speed problems
2021-02-02 11:06:01

@Alexandre. I have the same issue


 I get full speed 900mb from tp link deco via Ethernet.


However when I test with one main deco via WiFi I still get 200mb on all WiFi devices 5ghz.



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