Deco M5 Problems after 1.5.3 firmware update

Deco M5 Problems after 1.5.3 firmware update
Deco M5 Problems after 1.5.3 firmware update
2021-04-24 13:59:46
Model: Deco M5
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.5.3

I have the following setup:

4 deco network

all hardwired

1.5.3 - latest firmware ends in 223


since latest upgrade I've had constant internet connection issues here are the symptoms:

-intermittently losing connection to local devices, but not all. Will have some devices connected and some not (ie we have 25 wifi light switches, all in the same area 25% will be connected and 75% will have lost connection)

-intermittent laptops unable to connect to any internet, despite deco app saying internet is connected, laptop connected and green light on deco

-decos ALWAYS have green light under this scenario

-system is probably usable 60% of the time, 40% having somet type of problems and 10% essentially non functional

-I use port forwarding (35000) for 1 camera system (it's always touchy) but have been uanble to connect to that system since the upgrade either, but can connect to other systems.

-I've switched out the Main Router for another deco but the best I can tell is these all started after the 1.5.3 upgrade

-I've hard reset all the routers and completely re-installed the entire network with resolution of the symptoms for approx 24 hours but it returned.


I've ordered the eero system and will probably install it and trash these decos (they've been working well for 2 months) because I can't tolerate the downtime at this location or wait for TP Link to issue another firmware upgrade but suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re:Deco M5 Problems after 1.5.3 firmware update
2021-04-25 01:58:19



Can I have some pictures of the network topology of the Deco system?

May I know how many devices that would connect to the Deco mesh system?

Did all the 25 switches connect to the same Deco unit?

Have you tried to enable the gust network of 2.4ghz only with a different SSID for the smart switches to test the connection?

If possible, please log into the web UI and save the system log to me;


As for the security camera, were you able to access the camera system in the local network of the Deco?

Would there be any error message when you failed to access via WAN connection?

Thank you very much and wait for your reply.