RE450 connection dropping.

RE450 connection dropping.
RE450 connection dropping.
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Model: RE450
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 201901124

After 3 weeks of daily testing the RE450 isn't great.


Unidentified network issues, connection dropping, firmware rollbacks (in attempt to see if the damn thing will work).


I think I have pretty much exhausted the use of this product until a new firmware upgrade comes out from TP-Link (beyond the January RE450 V.3 one).


Having searched numerous threads on this community site its clear the RE450 has some serious issues right now. Both the wireless and Ethernet functions seem to fail.


Fingers crossed they come out with support!



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Re:RE450 connection dropping.
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May I know the model number of your main router?

Would the 2.4ghz and 5gzh lights turn off when the connection dropped?

Have you tried to change the wireless channel on the main router, like channel 11 for 2.4ghz and channel 40 for 5ghz?

If possible, please also try to enable the high speed mode on the RE450 v3, such as 2.4ghz to the main router, 5ghz to the clients to see whether it helped or not;

I noticed that you are not on the latest firmware and could you please update to the following firmware first: 

At the same time, I would follow up on your case by email, and please have a check of your email box later.

Thank you very much and wait for your reply.