[Archer VR1210V] Please configure your DNS manually

[Archer VR1210V] Please configure your DNS manually
[Archer VR1210V] Please configure your DNS manually
2021-05-26 14:13:20
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 2.0.0 0.9 v6041.0 Build 201218 Rel.1689n

Hi, I'm yet another victim of the infamous "Please configure your DNS manually" problem, I've already tried a lot of the suggested steps, changing bitswap, setting manually DNS and contacting my ISP for any issues, they say eveything works fine on their side.

I've also replaced my modem/router with a new one from the store where I've bought it, and there's still the issue, and using a Technicolor modem borrowed from a friend there's no issue at all.

I've also contacted via email tplink support for my country. Twice. With no response in a month.

Hardware: Archer VR1210v v1 00000001

Firmware: 2.0.0 0.9 v6041.0 Build 201218 Rel.1689n (latest)


1) LEDs are like this


2) Network Page


3) I'm able to restore connection only rebooting or disconnecting and reconnecting from Advanced->Network->DSL Internet


4) Advanced Status


5) My ISP it's Windtre (Italy), FTTC 200 Mb/s Download 20 Mb/s Upload


I've also installed a local Recursive DNS server, when I've the "Please configure your DNS manually" I can still use internet without issue via the cached DNS entries, but for everything requiring a new DNS query it's a no go

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Re:[Archer VR1210V] Please configure your DNS manually
2021-06-24 12:24:56

@eathtespagheti  Good day, 


Thank you for your detailed feedback.From the problem description you provided, this requires some further troubleshooting.

As Archer VR1201v is a customized model sold in certain areas or supplied by particular ISPs, you will need to get some further help from ISP or local tech support. 


  • If you purchased this modem from ISP, it is recommended to contact ISP side and report the case details, so they could help check it further. 
  • If you purchased this modem from local retailers (not ISP side), please contact our local support directly via email or hotline. 



Sorry to hear that you failed to reach the email service, you could try local hotline support and see if they could help. 

Your understanding is much appreciated.