Archer XR500v Unbrick

Archer XR500v Unbrick
Archer XR500v Unbrick
2021-06-25 18:36:45
Model: Archer A10
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:

Dear TP Link admins,

Can anyone send me firmware to unbrick my device which has firmware problem.

my device is not provided by ISP. I purchased it online  [have proof of purchase]. I managed to set it to work on my FTTH connection.

I tried to update the firmware but I didn't find official firmware on TP-link website so I downloaded a firmware from other website which spoiled my modem-router

can anyone please help me



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Re:Archer XR500v Unbrick
2021-06-30 06:57:40

@Dr_Andy  Hello, 


Thanks for your detailed description, but I'm afraid we do not have the firmware of this model either. 

Archer XR500v is a customized model sold in certain areas or supplied by particular ISPs. (more like a ISP edition )
If you purchased this modem from ISP, it is recommended to contact ISP side and report the case details, so they could help check it further. 
If you purchased this modem from local retailers (not ISP side), please contact our local support and see if they could help.


Besides,  uploading third party softwares may affect the device warranty & further tech support from tp-link,  if local support could not help, you could  contact retailer and see if they could exchange one. 

Your understanding is much appreciated.