mixing AV2000 with AV1300 ..bad connection

mixing AV2000 with AV1300 ..bad connection
mixing AV2000 with AV1300 ..bad connection
2021-07-31 16:05:26
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i have a stable network between 2 AV2000 tplink devices. I found a good offer for 3 AV1300 (WPA8630P) devices so i tried to connect them to the home network. Whatever i have tried, the network is unstable even with one extra AV1300 device. All devices are firmware updated to latest.


To be precise the connection between the 2 AV2000 is very good while the 3 AV1300 are dropping in and out. I can verify this with the TP link windows app as well


To me it seems that the devices are having major issues when mixed together. Any thoughts?

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Re:mixing AV2000 with AV1300 ..bad connection
2021-08-02 08:40:15 - last edited 2021-08-02 08:44:46

@cybernik Hello, 

It is not so recommended to mix  AV2000 and AV1300 together, though powerline devices are compatible with each other, in the real network environment, it would be better if we use the powerline devices with same powerline data speed in the same network. We can also use powerline devices with different data speeds together. Here are some recommendations:

Current Powerline



AV600, AV1300


AV1000, AV2000


Kindly refer to this FAQ when select powerline models: 



If you recently purchased AV1300, you may consider returning AV1300 and check if there is any good price for AV2000 or AV1000, hope this could help.