How to Fix High Ping when Using Wireless Adapter

How to Fix High Ping when Using Wireless Adapter

How to Fix High Ping when Using Wireless Adapter
How to Fix High Ping when Using Wireless Adapter
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This Article Applies to:

All TP-Link Wireless Adapters


Problem Description:

The computer gets a very high ping value when ping gateway router;
Periodically ping spikes or freeze when playing games. 

How do I tell if the ping is high?

In gaming, any amounts below a ping of 20ms are considered exceptional, and “low ping”, amounts between 50ms and 100ms range from very good to average, while a ping of 150ms or more is deemed “high ping.” Ping measures how long it will take for the packets to be sent from the computer to the server and back, the ping result also relates to the server itself.


Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Update to the latest driver for the wireless adapter from TP-Link official website here.
  • Try a different Wi-Fi channel and lower channel width on the router.

Scan nearby wireless channels using software like inSSIDer or WiFi Analyzer and select a less-crowded Wi-Fi channel on the router.

Use lower channel width 2.4Ghz -> 20Mh, 5Ghz -> 40Mhz to reduce interference.

  • Disable VPN connections on the computer if there are any.

  • Disable other wireless adapters except for the TP-Link one.

  • Rule-out interference from other devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

Only leave the TP-Link adapter connected to the router if possible, close any background apps using the internet bandwidth, then connect other wireless devices one by one to the router to see if a certain device will cause the high ping.


Special Scenario: Realtek chip wireless adapter + 802.11k Mesh system (including TP-Link OneMesh router)

Ping value may rise up very high as below photo when a Realtek adapter works with a Mesh system or AP + extender using 802.11k roaming technology. 


- For Realtek USB adapters, update and install the public driver below: ( for 802.11k Wi-Fi mesh scenario only )

- Or try to turn off Mesh or fast roaming (802.11k) on the mesh system for this computer.

Here takes Deco Mesh as an example:


- For TP-Link router Archer C6, try firmware here and disable OneMesh

Do let the community know how it works for you.

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2022-08-30 04:46:18

1. Use a stable VPN solution
Connecting to a VPN network is one of the simplest and safest solutions to high latency/ping.

We recommend you use a VPN provider with a large number of servers across the whole globe because there’s a higher chance that it will be able to connect you to the optimal traffic path regardless of the specific game you are playing.

Good VPNs nowadays can automatically connect you to the best server for your configuration. You can also pick your preferred configuration manually if you like that option better.

An additional important feature that can remove ping and lag is the split tunneling provided by various VPN software, such as PIA.

This feature lets you connect to a VPN for one task while using your original IP address for others. You can use it to prioritize gaming. It can really help with a smoother experience.


2. Change how Windows 10 delivers updates
Go to Settings > Update and Security.
Windows 10 ping spikes
Go to Windows Update and click on Advanced options.
Windows 10 high ping WiFi
Click on Choose how updates are delivered.
Turn Updates from more than one place to Off.

In addition to changing how Windows 10 delivers updates, you can also toggle metered connection to improve your latency.

If you set your connection as a metered connection you’ll prevent unwanted background download so here’s how to do it:

Go to the following path:
SettingsNetwork & InternetWi-FiAdvanced Option
Find Metered connection and turn it on.Random high ping windows 10
After you’ve done it’s advisable to return to the non-metered connection.

If you’re having trouble opening the Setting app, take a look at this article to solve the issue.


3. Check the apps in Task Manager
Start Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
In the list of processes, click Network to sort the processes by network usage.
High ping Ethernet
Find processes that are using your network and turn them off. In addition, you can navigate to the Startup tab and disable these processes from starting with Windows 10.

4. Change your wireless network adapter settings
Right-click the wireless icon in the bottom left of Windows 10 taskbar.
Choose Open Network and Sharing Center.
High ping and packet loss
Select Change adapter settings on the left side.
Windows 10 ping spikes
Right-click your wireless connection that is having latency issues and choose Properties.
Windows 10 high ping WiFi
Click Configure.
High DCP latency Windows 10
Next, go to Advanced tab and change the following values and save your settings:
802.11n channel width for 2.4GHz connections to 20MHz only
Prefered Band to 2.4GHz
Roaming Aggressiveness to 1
Wireless mode to 802.11b/g
Click here to download and start repairing.

Some users claim that you can also fix this problem by disabling Interrupt Moderation feature. To do that, just follow the steps above to open the configuration window, locate the Interrupt Moderation feature and set it to Disabled.


This may help you,

Rachel Gomez