Tp-Link RE450 Repeater not working on UniFi WiFİ Network

Tp-Link RE450 Repeater not working on UniFi WiFİ Network
Tp-Link RE450 Repeater not working on UniFi WiFİ Network
2022-01-17 10:47:39
Model: RE450
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: RE450(EU)_V3_201203

Hi Everyone,


I'm using UniFi UCK-G2 controller, US-8-150W switch, UAP-AC-Lite access point and DrayTek 2830n+ Security Gateway in my home network.


Since AC-Lite AP drops the connection on some dead points in my home (even I set up and try all the seetings within controller) I prefer to extend the wifi signal and purchased Tp-Link RE450 Repeater, I set it up both wired on browser console and iOS Tether app. but unfortunately unable to connect the internet (except Windows 10/11 PC get connected).

Tp-Link app. shows that everyting is good but no way. 

Before purchase the RE450 product, I have try this scenario with entry model TL-WA855RE with no problem (this one only supports 2.4GHz WiFi).


I have struggled for 6 hours to set it but no chance... Btw. I figured out there is a problem with TP-Link not get correct IP within GW's  IP pool, then I'm starting to search on Tp-Link FAQ's the only solution that I've found is enable the DHCP server on Tp-Link repeater eg. - 192.168.1.x99 then my iPhone XR able to connect repeater's WiFi network but when I try to it on my Mac Mini M1; it's able to connect but when I disconnect and connect it again then WiFi internet connection drops again... so I'm not unable to setup extender as it's supposed to be.

My last settings state is

GW: 192.168.x.1

GW Pool: 192.168.x.6 - 192.168.x.199

Auto-Optimize Network and High Performance Devices are disabled on UniFi Network setup

Setup WiFi 2GHz: 40MHz, channel auto, medium power

Setup WiFi 5GHz: 80MHz then try it 40MHz, channel auto, medium power

My home clients that I have and not able to connecting;

iPhone XR - iOS

İpad Pro 9.7 - iPadOS

Mac Mini M1 - MacOS

My only client is able to connect:

Lenovo Thinkpad G2, Windows 11

I really would be grateful if anyone can help...

I'm also thinking to test it maybe would help, if I separate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi broadcast on UniFi Network setup?

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Re:Tp-Link RE450 Repeater not working on UniFi WiFİ Network
2022-01-18 06:18:15 - last edited 2022-01-18 06:29:49

Hello @Leventh 


Thank you for your detailed post, and I wish I could help. Here are some tips of only IOS or Mac can't connect to extender's WiFi 


  • Check if router use WPA3 wireless security, if so try to change WPA/WPA2-PSK AES 
  • Try to turn on DHCP server of RE as guide below and set up a smaller IP range on RE within router's IP pool

What's the solution if my TP-Link range extender can't connect to my router properly?


1. Can I have a photo of Range extender DHCP settings

2.  the  model of AP/ Router that RE connects to? Does RE connect to the router or the Access Point?  

The network topology, e.g. : ISP- DrayTek 2830n+ Router/ Gateway <Ethernet> switch <Ethernet> UAP-AC-Lite access point <Wireless>RE450

3. If a MAC or IOS device failed to connect  to Extender's Wi-Fi, is it extender's 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band Wi-Fi, what is the error message? 

What are the IOS version or macOS version of the device? e.g. iPhone X, IOS 15.2

4. How about the Wi-Fi led Status on RE

Could Windows computer connect to RE450 and get Internet? 



Thank you.