No internet from AV600

No internet from AV600
No internet from AV600
2022-03-14 00:31:21
Hardware Version: V5
Firmware Version:

I've tried absolutely everything and this is really driving me nuts. I got my extender devices today, and I've been trying desperately to get WiFi in my living room, but it just won't work. I can connect fine, but when actually connected it just says no Internet, so I can't get online on any of my devices through the extenders. 


I've fiddled with settings, reset them, rebooted them, paired them again, moved plugs around... Nothing. It's so frustrating. In the desktop app, it tells me everything should be working fine, showing me that the devices are connected... Which is great and all, but there's still no Internet through them.


Please help, this is really frustrating.

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Re:No internet from AV600
2022-03-15 06:07:55

 Hello, @Benji423 

Wish I could help.  Make sure Powerline units are Paired with each other and House led(Powerline Led) should be On on each unit:
If House Leds are ON on power line units , you could try some suggestions here:
1> change a different Ethernet cable between Main router and main power line adapter
2> try a different LAN port on main router.

3> try to configure static IP for the wireless powerline unit as thread here:

If still the same problem,please connect a computer to router by Ethernet cable ( same cable that main powerline adapter is using) and check do you have any Internet? Please send us a photo of the IP address on PC when wired to router.
If connected to WPA4220 the wifi adapter by WiFi or by wire, what is the IP address & Gateway on your computer?

Try to ping IPv4 default gateway (router's IP)and see if devices connected to AV600 could ping router's IP

How to Use the Ping Command