Archer VR600 - Connection dropping several times an hour (resolve timeout for dns msftncsi com)

Archer VR600 - Connection dropping several times an hour (resolve timeout for dns msftncsi com)

Archer VR600 - Connection dropping several times an hour (resolve timeout for dns msftncsi com)
Archer VR600 - Connection dropping several times an hour (resolve timeout for dns msftncsi com)
2022-12-02 17:04:38 - last edited 2022-12-02 21:07:05
Model: Archer VR600  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 1.5.0 0.9.1 v009e.0 Build 220518 Rel.43816n



after contacting my local representative ( local support team ) of TP-Link for support of the following issue, sending them the router for Lab testing and receiving it back saying everything is alright,

i got the modem back yesterday and after  just few minuets i noticed the problem return
( i am very close to paint the product in blue and through it to the see.... hope you will be able to provide some help to relieve the stress this product is causing me for the last few month)

since the day i bought this modem/router to replace the rented1 from my ISP ( 04/sep/22)

i keep experience  internet disconnections every 5-20 min (been experience as videos streams drops and requires waiting for internet to return to get a connection again)
sometimes after i run fast enough to check the diagnostic of the Router, it some times shows Fail on the  "
Network Connection Status Inspect " if for disconnections from the ISP of saying "Please  configure  your DNC  manually".

for the last 2 days i have checked the log which keeps showing "resolve timeout for dns msftncsi com"
(no idea if that is related but i keep seeing many post of ppl experiencing same problems on diff models)

The router is with the latest Firmware version available.

will try connect the local support again once the weekend will be over, trying my luck here as well.

hopefully to have a solution soon enough.

Additional information:

- replacing the router (while the current1 was sent to LAB testing at the local supporter)  and using the rented router from the ISP, i was n't having the same issues.

- in addition, the Web Infrastructure  was tested and found to be in good shape.

- testing replacing the ISP to different1 didn't change the drops on the internet connection

- seen on some post saying that it's recommended to connect the WAN DNS to ; giving it a try now as-well

edit: update: connecting WAN DNS to did not help, issue persist

those drops are a real nightmare!
(the min you require from high end product is to provide at least stable internet connection)

Best regards



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Re:Archer VR600 - Connection dropping several times an hour (resolve timeout for dns msftncsi com)
2023-01-03 13:18:41

 @MikePain I experienced similar issues with my Archer C6 v2.0.  Ion 1.3.7 Build 20220613 rel.64828(4555).

Short: Try to disable the Archer Firewall DoS protection. Logon to your routers web interface. Go to the advanced tab then Security -> Settings and try disabling DoS Protection and delete any Host that is in your local network (192.168.0.* by default)

Long Story:

I have about 10 devices in the network. Only for one Windows device I had issues connecting to DNS while the other had no issue connecting.
I set the DNS record manually to the Google DNS but this didn't help.
When checking if the dns resolves (using 'nslookup' in cmd) it timed out on the one PC, while on the others it was fine.
When I purged the resolver cache ('ipconfig /flushdns' in cmd) and afterwards refresh the DHCP leases ('ipconfig /registerdns' in cmd),
Restarted the Windows device and the router a few times.
Also I could resolve the DNS records, using the routers System Tools -> Diagnostic tool to check if it resolves every time.

I still got the same issue afterwards.
There was nothing suspicious in the logs.
After many tests now I seem to have found the culprit.
It seems my static local IP ( was blacklisted by the Archer Firewall DoS protection because for some reason the Windows device requested dns records rapidly.
If it weren't for the static address I would have been stuck as I would have had this issue sporadically with the dynamically assigned address to different devices and also potentially multiple addresses would be in the blacklist.

If you have DHCP enabled in your local network, alongside with DoS protection it  might be that after a lease time a blocked IP is assigned to your devices, effectively turning off your DNS connectivity as it sends the request to DNS but the response is blocked by the routers firewall.

As DHCP requests uses ICMP you might also try turn off your ICMP filtering if DoS is important for you.

In my case turning off the DoS protection seemed to solve the issue.
Hope this helps.