Optimal configuration P9, M5 and M9 Plus

Optimal configuration P9, M5 and M9 Plus

Optimal configuration P9, M5 and M9 Plus
Optimal configuration P9, M5 and M9 Plus
2024-05-05 17:47:48
Model: Deco M5   Deco M9 Plus   Deco P9  
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Our home has very thick stone walls, and is relatively large.


We find it difficult to get a decent signal throughout the house, even with 3x Deco P9s


Today I bought 3x Deco M5 and 2x Deco M9 Plus.


could someone please advise what the best configuration should be, in terms of primary and satellite nodes?


I would like to optimise for performance and consistency of signal, and hopefully resell a couple of the units if they are not necessary.


thanks in adva

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Re:Optimal configuration P9, M5 and M9 Plus
2024-05-06 11:38:19


Hi, Did you still plan to keep the previous 3*Deco P9 together with the new 5 Decos?


Are you able to run Ethernet cables through the house?



If we could only connect Deco by Wi-Fi to each other, there are many choice left among 3*Deco M5 and 2 *Deco M9 Plus.

Deco M9 Plus will be the main Deco.

Both Deco M5 and Deco M9 plus support connection preference:

Connection Preference: Customize Your Preferred Signal Source

You could customize a daisy-chain link but please try to make sure there is no more than three hops, such as

Deco M9 Plus ---> Deco M9 Plus ----> M5----> M5


The following diagrams are recommended.


Deco M9 Plus --->Deco M9 Plus ----> Deco M5

                      \---->Deco M5------>Deco M5



                      / ----> Deco M5

Deco M9 Plus ---> Deco M9 Plus------>Deco M5

                      \---->Deco M5


For more suggestions, please also refer to Deco Network Deployment.

Thank you very much and best regards.


Re:Optimal configuration P9, M5 and M9 Plus
2024-05-12 21:04:28 - last edited 2024-05-12 21:06:45

Thanks @Dave-TP


I've decided to return the M9 Plus as I found that I couldn't use the Powerline backhaul on the P9s at all with the M9 as the main, and it didn't seem to be worth it to use them as satellites.


Now, after reconnecting my P9 and M5s, it seems one of the P9s has stopped using powerline backhaul at all. This is very frustrating now.


My setup looks like:


         Deco P9 1
           /  |  \
          /   |   \
         /    |    \
Deco P9 2  Deco M5 1  Deco M5 2
                  Deco M5 3
                      Deco P9 3




Deco P9 1 is the main. Deco P9 2 is connected via Powerline Backhaul. Deco P9 3 is only connecting to other Decos (in this case Deco M5 3) via Wifi.


Can you please advise, why might the Deco P9 3 have stopped connecting via powerline backhaul, and what can I do to re-establish this connection?