ARCHER VR600 V1 & V2 hardware differences ?

ARCHER VR600 V1 & V2 hardware differences ?
ARCHER VR600 V1 & V2 hardware differences ?
2017-05-16 16:13:20
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Title says it all, what is the hardware differences between V1 & V2 for the Archer VR600?
And how can I be sure to buy a rev. 2 model?

Park K.
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Re:ARCHER VR600 V1 & V2 hardware differences ?
2017-08-09 06:43:21

I don't know the hardware differences between these models, there must be something different I guess apart from the updated logo on the left of the case.

The firmware now includes the ability for the device to act as a VPN server which is an advantage. I don't believe any of the higher models can do this yet either (VR2600, VR900 etc)
Re:ARCHER VR600 V1 & V2 hardware differences ?
2017-08-09 18:14:46
I got something from specification. V2 just has one USB port. Basically no much difference on hardware part.
V2 add VPN server , tether remote control and TP-Link DDNS. It has a new VI which is more friendly to use.
Technically V2 is better than V1.
Re:ARCHER VR600 V1 & V2 hardware differences ?
2017-08-18 06:58:15
Looking through the User Guides, there's significant functionality in the v2 compared to the v1:

* VPN server (OpenVPN, PPTP, or IPSEC - user can choose which to use)
* Network security functionality - ipv4firewall, ipv6 firewall
* Local and Remote management have more settings available
* QOS capability

I'm feeling peeved, as I bought a VR600 today and got home to find it's a v1 :(

It would be great if TP-Link were to issue a firmware update for v1 as it seems these extra features are software enabled rather than hardware enabled, and probably could be added to the v1.

Do any TP-Link representatives look at these boards?
Re:ARCHER VR600 V1 & V2 hardware differences ?
2017-08-18 21:47:56
I contacted tp-link support, and they stated that no firmware for v1 to bring the v2 extra features is planned. :(
Re:ARCHER VR600 V1 & V2 hardware differences ?
2017-12-13 15:53:45
I know old thread but while I was looking for info came across this & thought might be useful

I thought I had already posted but can't see but here's an update anyway.

G.INP is missing from V1 & in my experience has a major inpact.

Bought from Amazon VR600 Sep 17 to see if could get better replacement for the hg635.

Did get better speeds a 3 or 4 mbps ut to 65+mbps and overall LAN seemed more reliable, better device detection, don't know why but sure was & big complicated LAN with lts of AP & switches.

Anyway further investigation noticed I have a V.1. Bit annoyed at this as seemed V2 was same price on amazon & perhaps more available.

Anyway carried on, all been actually very good
however few days ago I had a brief power cut. Just checking my network noticed speed had dropped to current 45mbps, Max 90 (will get onto this max later)

Had lots of powercuts & outages over last year or so & some with lots on/off short space of time with electrics. Never with the HG635 did the DSLAM drop the speed, just the usual slight sync difference.
The HG635 has G.INP update a while ago & I know my cabinet was enabled.

I was surprised to see this drop after just one outage. 3 days later still the same. I know it use to be a few weeks I believe for the DLM to re adjusted but this is not good it is only take one power cut & perhaps just a simple restart of the router maybe,
I do have UPS usually but only get an hour max with other equipment.

Anyway I bought a VR600 V2 yesterday (I actually quite like the idea of a backup all set up ready to go)
Plugged in and immediately Current 79999 (capped at 80mb) max 98000 .
I am currently real speed testing at 75mbps

I had restarted the old V1 a few times over a period of 48 hours so know it was not a simple restart required. I do believe in coincidences but not in this case.

So not only recovered to full speed is even faster than the V1 when working.
The only thing I can think is the G.INP.

my max is now 98mb and SNR 7.9 implying it could go faster! Oddly my upload still is good but not great compared to download. 12-13mb but has always been like this

This leads me on to the Max.
I am 650m+ from the cabinet!!! I know I have good copper but first installed few years ago stats said max about 60mb which I considered great (more than expected at this range)

Gradually improved, seems no crosstalk (only a handful of houses down my rural road) & this recent months I suspect the G.INP eve on the HG635 I could get 70max, real speed test just over 60mb

Been with the vr600 V1 for 3 months now but a few weeks ago suddenly noticed this Max at 92mb and now with the V2 98mb.

What has openreach done!! This is interesting. I had wondered if a house nearby had previous had interference & sorted but with this 650+ meters of copper something else.

Would like my upload to improve though but not complaining but of course well within spec so not worth chasing.

Also a small thing the V1 does not have Up Time which is really annoying if your trying to see how many errors over a period, you have no idea if is has dropped or restarted. Crazy!

This new V2 does.