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By Robbp12 2023-04-04 19:03:55

ER8411 VPN issues

Just got an Er8411 and trying to configure VPN..openvpn and SSL-VPN will connect and traffic starts to pass. I connect to a computer over the VPN and it will connect and then just stops responding. it
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By kilovar 2022-01-30 18:35:03

Guide to Installing Omada Software Controller on Raspberry Pi OS - V5

Update - 22 January 2023 Bare metal install on 64 bit Raspberry Pi OS - no Ubuntu server, no Docker. Tested with version 4 and now the latest version 5.7.4 of the Controller software. I have it runnin
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By Pascal 2023-03-04 12:43:02

ER8411- NAT - Virtual server - large range of ports translation not working - both SDN/SA modes

Hello, I have replace the TL-ER6120 v3 with a ER8411 1.0.2. I'm now facing front of big issue with range ports forwarding needed by my server. In controller mode (OC300 5.7.6) : First bug when I tried
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By jaymac1 2023-02-24 04:04:19

Cannot get Wireguard to work

I use the software-based Omada Controller with a 605 router, a TL-SG3210XHP-M2 v2.0 switch and two APs. I'm trying to get Wireguard working, and while everything appears to be set up correctly, I cann
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By shberge 2022-10-04 10:32:27

ER605v2 Disconnect from controller regulary

@Fae ER605v2 regularly disconnects from controller, do you know if there are any plans to fix this or is it something you have to live with on these routers? fix is to turn off the power on the router
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By shberge 2022-06-26 05:42:56

ER605 v2 adds SHA2 encryption to the IPsec VPN function and supports IKEv2

@Fae or somebody from TP-Link how to configure SHA2 encryption on ER605 v2 , and ER605 v1? next firmware have come on ER605 v1 but I don't find SHA2 on it either.