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By Gogan 2023-04-24 13:08:50

ER7206 Gateway ACL LAN-LAN IPGroup

Hello Do you have any plans for releasing the option to configure ER7206 Gateway ACL LAN-LAN IPGroup? This would allow for effective VLAN application and is a key factor for an integrated solution. No
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By djsdjs 2023-07-24 00:51:14

tp-link er605 less than 1/4 as fast than older tp-link TL-R600VPN

The first screenshot is the speed of my old TL-r600VPN about 30 minutes before swap out with ER605 which is the second screenshot. The download speed has dropped to less that 1/4 of the older router a
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By Fervens 2023-07-14 02:06:01

VPN optimisation

ARGH! That has been my experience with setting up a VPN on this router. One particularly amusing/infuriating bug I discovered is that a disabled IPsec policy still affects operations, i.e. good luck c
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By TonL 2023-07-14 15:29:44

EAP-225 outdoor connected but cannot access it

I have connected an EAP-225 outdoor device through my OC200 which was adopted and shows connected (see picture), however for some reason cannot connect to the EAP-225 outdoor when outside so do not un
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By JGilmour 2023-07-03 03:20:59

ER605 Login Timeout after IP Address Change

By Default the ER605 is LAN IP Address If I change this address to to suit my network I am no longer abale to access the device via the web page as EVERY time I try the user an
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By Freddo 2023-05-31 08:59:15

Duel WAN link ER605v2 Cisco ASA 5520

There is an old post on this but not able to find the answer in question, i will have two ISP WAN connections from this I am trying to link the ASA 5520 that has three interfaces Outside (connection o