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By jamesg013 Wednesday

Feature requests and general questions

Hi everyone, I'm a new user of Omada as I've currently evaluating the product suite in comparison to unifi. I frequently reccommend and setup networks so I like to know whats coming out and so far the
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By dbmet Tuesday

TL-R605 Closed ports and Not Stealth

I just purchased a TL-R605 and added to the Omada Controller. The router seems to work fine except for when using the Shields Up Website to scan the ports almost all of them are showing Closed instead
Forums/ Switches & Routers
By Caribo Sunday

Routing through VPN by SSID

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on setup. I have a Omada SDN controller, with a TL-R605 router and 245 access points. What I would like to do is have all traffic routed though a VPN when devices are c
Forums/ Switches & Routers
By PPF a week ago

Network Configuration Problem ER5120 T2600-28TS

Hi all, I'm a complete networking noob and I thought I'd give it a try improving the networking of our business. This post was edited to better reflect what I am trying to do and what problems I encou
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Fae a week ago

【FAQs Released】How to add an Omada Gateway to the network?

【Recent FAQ Release】 How to add an Omada Gateway to the network Apply to: Omada Software Controller V4, Omada Software Controller V4, OC200, OC300, TL-ER7206, TL-R605 If you would like to replace your
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Philbert 2 weeks ago

SDN - View connected VPN Clients

Hey Everyone I have recently added the new R605 router to my SDN setup and via the controller (OC200 4.2.4) configured the VPN for clients. Sadly I have 2x strange issues I cannot seem to rectify, nei