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By weewillywinky 2023-01-18 20:21:41

ER8411 VPN Client broken

So i have had the new ER8411 for a few days and most things seem to be working ok except a big one is the lack of vpn. Controller will allow you to create a new vpn and configure and even save but it
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By TheVendor 2024-01-25 22:19:02

ER8411 Client to site VPN not working because of compression

Hi, I am using Omada Controller Omada_Controller_Windows_v5.13.23 to configure the VPN configuration. OpenVPN is able to connect on the client client side, but no data is trasmited / received. Same is
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By Clive_A 2023-12-19 08:46:22

How to Configure WireGuard to Enable Client to Access Remote IPsec Site

Background: This post provides a comprehensive configuration guide on WireGuard VPN to enable your WireGuard client to access the remote IPsec site. Extra reference: How to Configure WireGuard VPN on
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By dognose 2023-12-18 20:02:20

LDAP With ActiveDirectory not working?

Hello, we are using an ER7206 through Omada on our main-site. We want to setup an open-vpn connection, using LDAP-based authentication against our active directory. However, Omada refuses to connect t
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By mgru 2023-12-12 14:46:12

WireGuard VPN to Remote IPSEC network.

I have ER605 routers in two company locations. Location A) Subnet 192.168.0.x Location B) Subnet 192.168.1.x I have set up an IPsec LAN-to-LAN tunnel from Location A to Location B. I connect to Locati
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By snowch 2023-12-12 16:26:40

How to setup IPSEC / OpenVPN pass-through?

The router is advertised with the following: ER605 supports multiple VPN protocols (IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN) and can handle IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/ OpenVPN pass-through traffic as well The manual does