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By berridge a week ago

ER605 DHCP doesn't work out of the box

DHCP doesn't work on this device. I've tried upgrading to the latest software and it still doesn't work. My unifi wifi controller can't assign devices to the network since DHCP doesn't work. When I tr
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By shberge a week ago

ER8411 High CPU 24/7 Bug Report

CPU is never below 13-17%, is this normal or is it another bug on this device?
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By Dyspozytor 2 weeks ago

Open VPN - no Internet when connected at new firmware

Hello, Just found a sime kind of bug after the 1.2.1 -> 1.2.3 Build 20221104 update. Have 2 Open VPN servers (for 2 WAN's, normal and backup-link - both of them 24/7 active) - set up for remote connec
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By shberge 2 weeks ago

ER8411 and OpenVPN/SSL VPN Bug report.

@Fae or somebody from TP-LINK OpenVPN/SSL VPN not working. OpenVPN Client connects server but no data goes through OpenVPN Server does not work, gets connected but no data. this also destroys Site to
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By Fae 3 weeks ago

Official Firmware ER7206_1.2.3_Build 20221104 (Released on Nov 10th, 2022)

This Article Applies to: ER7206_v1/ v1.6_1.2.3 Build 20221104 Fully adapted to Omada Controller v5.6 Release Notes: New Feature/Enhancement: 1. Add support GRE function in Standalone mode. 2. Add stat
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By GRL 3 weeks ago

BUG - ER7206 IKEv2 VPN connection failure

Running latest v1.2.1 build 2022/10/26 firmware (official) on my ER7206 This new firmware introduced the updated SHA2 IKEv2 protocols to this model router Following this guide How to connect to Omada