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By wisem2540 14 hours ago

ER605 prefers secondary wan on reboot

I have a new ER605 configured to fail over to secondary wan when primary is offline. My Primary ISP is spectrum cable and I have a netgear LM1200 cellular modem (ethernet) as WAN1 (secondary) Seems to
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By OneBadGADawg 21 hours ago

Running a ER605 v1.0 on OC200 - No ISP, Capacity, Utilization Stats

I'm running a TL-R605 v1.0 on OC200 and my dashboard is not showing any ISP, Capacity, or Gateway Utilization Stats. Is this a configuration issue or known issue with the Controller or Router firmware
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By Gary_E 18 hours ago

Settings from ER605 V1 to V2

Hello, I'm having problems with my ER605 V1 router, so I ordered a V2. Will I be able to upload my saved settings from my V1 router to my new V2 router? Thanks for your help.
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By Miche 20 hours ago

How do I configure multi-wan link bandwidth aggregation by the Omada Controller?

How do I configure multi-wan link bandwidth aggregation by the Omada Controller? I use OMADA and my router is not adding the speed of the 2 internet links, I need help please. Is it possible to config
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By Bug_do_Ti 20 hours ago

VPN L2TP IPSEC does not reconnect after internet drops and comes back

My VPN made between the parent company and the subsidiary drops due to momentary instability of the internet, and does not automatically go up, stopping all the operational work of the company. I have
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By berridge Yesterday

ER605 DHCP doesn't work out of the box

DHCP doesn't work on this device. I've tried upgrading to the latest software and it still doesn't work. My unifi wifi controller can't assign devices to the network since DHCP doesn't work. When I tr