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By Xbit 23 hours ago

EAPs keep disconnecting and reconnecting automatically

Why does this keep happening my app is updated, the controller to router cable is not faultly . What are the possible causes of this? I recently changed just the background of the wifi login page and
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By Ilmars 2 hours ago

Port 433 forwarding

Hi there, I have set up my office network based on ER7206 router and SG2428P switch managed by Omada OC200 controller. I have created 4 VLANs where one of them has a Windows 2016 server with Microsoft
Forums/ Controllers
By EC891 5 hours ago

Sophos do not give switches in controller DHCP

Hi, I have installed sophos as router and DHCP server with a few VLANs. It works well for clients but my switches are not getting DHCP address from Sophos. What should I setup? I had set up all VLANs
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By Savgar Yesterday

can’t connect to wifi signal from AC1200 EAP225-Outdoor

Hoping someone can help. Just installed this outdoor router, new out of the box, including the PoE switch, and cannot get any devices to connect to it. The indicator light goes to the slow flashing gr
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By bonestaak Yesterday

How do i change switch ip adres to static?

I just have adopted some Omada devices to my OC200 and some devices i can change the dynamic ip to static but when i select the switch sg2428p i see no option to change the ip adres?
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By mbze430 Yesterday

ER8411 "Multi-Net NAT" missing

I emailed TP-Link tech support and they told me I could use this link to configure multilayer routing/switching. However, when I got the ER8411 today, the Multi-Nets NAT is completely missing from Tra