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By mbze430 Friday

DPI not functioning

I am having issues with DPI not detecting anything. What OSI model does your DPI sniff at? I am now using an Ubuntu controller not in standalone mode anymore. Here is the network diagram: The last mes
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By L2K Thursday

Password requirements/failures

I've been setting up accounts on various TP-Link devices and sites and the passwords I use are generally mixed case and special characters 24 characters long. Seems that the devices accept these passw
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By Stariaa Thursday

Site To Site Auto or Manual IPSec not working

I have 1 ER7206 Routers. We are connecting 2 branch offices by VPN with very fast/high bandwidth connections at each. Each branch office will connect to 1 main ER7206. Each router is connected to the
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By Abdros Thursday

ER7212PC VLan/Port separation ACLs

Is it at all possible, with the ER7212PC v.1, to setup three VLANs, each on its own physical port, while keeping them from accessing each other (ie. Ping), without using an additional switch? I was ab
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By damianstelmach Thursday

Is client dhcp on router er706w support option 121?

Does the ER706W router's operating system support option 121 on the DHCP client? The idea is that if the router receives an address on WAM from DHCP, will it be able to support this option? I would li
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By WideVisions Thursday

ER706W mirrored port setup via OC300

Hi all, I am trying to set up a mirrored port on the router, for an off line IDS, I am using an OC300 with FW version 1.22.4 Build 20240304 Rel.59252 The process is quite simple BUT there is one cruci