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By SzymonN a week ago

Wireguard Allowed Address not working

Hi, I found a bug I am configuring a Wireguard VPN tunle to the Wireguard VPn server - the tunnel is configured based on the configuration file for the WIndows client. This file works fine on Windows\
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By MR.S a week ago

TP-Link router as Wireguard client to other brand than TP-Link

Short question, is it possible to use a TP-Link router with Wireguard support to connect to a wireguard server other than a TP-Link? I have a wireguard config generated by server but I can't find any
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By lshengfang 2 weeks ago

Connect ER605 to another ER605 from 2 location

Hi ! Is there a way to use IPSec to connect ER605 to another ER605 from 2 location ?
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By Bromo a week ago

Association Timeout after Firmware upgrade to 1.2.3 Build 20230922 Rel. 67667

Last night I saw there was a firmware upgrade for my EAP610-Outdoor so I went ahead with the upgrade. Since then I see the logs filling up with Association Timeout errors from my 2.4GHz IoT devices. I
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By firefox111 2 weeks ago

ER605 V2 2.2.2 USB Storage - HOW??

When I updated my ER605 V2 to 2.2.2 Build 20231017 Rel.68869, the USB port has now a dual function - as Modem or USB Storage. However, I plugged in a brand new 128 GB USB Flash drive but when I go to
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By PKD1 2 weeks ago

VPN IPSEC IKEv2 on er605 v2

I'm trying to configure an ipsec ikev2 VPN on my er605, but I'm having great difficulties in configuring it I state that the pptp and openvpn configurations work correctly but I need additional ipsec/