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By MrHC1983 12 hours ago

WireGuard - All Routers & Omada

WireGuard. TPLink can you please get your act together on this. We spent a few hours at work the other day trying to get this sorted, we read your guides around the internet. We gave up and setup an O
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By DeonD Yesterday

Replace OC200 with the controller built in to the ER8411

I have a oc200 controller that is in place, I swapped out the er605 for a er8411 with the controller built in, how do i move the controller database and programming to the er8411 controller from the o
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By Ligu Yesterday

WireGuard setup with internet access only

I'd like to setup a WireGuard server, on a way, that any client connecting to it, would have access only to the internet, but no access to anything in the local network. My ER605 router is behind the
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By AnnusKhan Yesterday

Obtaining IP address

We are experiencing an issue with our VPN router ER8411, where some of our authorized clients receive a notification on their mobile devices that reads "IP obtaining - no IP allocation." As a result,
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By SurfBikeClimb Yesterday

Open VPN can't see wireless clients

I set up an open VPN connection which looks to be working correctly, but when I log in via the VPN, I can not ping wireless clients within the network. It pings wired clients fine and both wired and w
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By ReadMagnus Yesterday

Omada Cloud Access failing despite info that it is enabled

So as to obtain IDS/IPS functionality, I have updated my OC200 V1.0 Controller with Firmware 1.29.3 Build 20240131 Rel.35551 and updated Router ER8411 V1.0 with Firmware 1.2.9 20240112 Release 46169.